JSF 2 Tutorials and Examples


JavaServer Faces (JSF) which provides a Component-Based Architecture for developing reusable User Interface Components hides most of the complex stuffs that are happening in the View portion of the MVC-2 Architecture. The framework is not only limited to developing customized User Interface Components but also provides support for various Advanced Features like Event handling Mechanism, Validating User Inputs that are sent by the clients, Easy Page Navigation […]

Java LineNumberReader Example


In my previous example I have explained about the BufferedReader for reading the huge amount of data and parse it line by line. LineNumberReader is the specialized version of the BufferedReader where this class can store the line number in the file when it reads from the file. It is very useful when there is any […]

Java BufferedReader Example


In our previous example I have explained about the FileReader. FileReader is useful for reading the text content by characters. This is slow in performance when using for the huge files. BufferedReader is buffering the text for Reader’s. Buffering will speed up the IO operation. Instead of reading one character at a time using the […]

Java FileReader Example


Java has several File IO classes for reading and writing into the files. Each class has its own advantages. This example illustrates how to use FileReader for reading a text file. The main purpose of using the FileReader is to read the text content from a file where FileInputStream is used for reading the stream of […]

JQuery – How To Find CSS Class In a Element


CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet which is used for describing the presentation semantics of document, the look and formatting of a document written in the markup language. The styles define how to display the elements in the document. The CSS method returns the CSS property value of an element. The CSS method […]

JavaScript Elements Placements


Javascript can be written internaly (in the program) or externally. These two are discussed in detail in the following sections. Internal JavaScript Code JavaScript code is written inside the html page. The script code can be written in html page either in <head> , <body> or in both <head> and <body< section. The JavaScript code […]

JQuery Callback Function


It is reference to executable code or piece of executable code that is passed as an argument from other method which is invoked due to some kind of event. It can be used as base to define functionality for new components. When you are executing the JavaScript code, you may get errors if you try […]

WeakReference in Java


WeakReference, SoftReference and PhantomReference are added to the Java API long back but have not effectively used by most of the programmers. The reason being the less knowledge on the concept of how these APIs work for managing the references. Basically these APIs are helping the Garbage Collector to claim the memory looking at the […]

Eclipse Tips : Refactoring History


Rafactoring History is one of the rarely useful feature supported by Eclipse. If you are do lot of changes in the project, using this feature you could see the list of changes done on that project with the brief details about the changes. Note that this is not similar to the local history where local history […]

Eclipse Tips : Default Browser Settings


If you are working with Eclipse, it has the internal browser for running the web applications. By default, this option is set to its own Eclipse system web browser which will be running inside the Eclipse environment itself. Typically developers run the web applications using the “Run As” command by right click on the web […]

Eclipse Tips : Rename Variable (ALT + SHIFT + R)


Eclipse provides cool short cut key for renaming the variables across within a class or entire workspace. If you are not aware of this feature, you would use “find” option and replace the variable with new name. But, this will lead to a problem of not renaming all the references. You can easily rename the […]

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