Building JSF application with Exadel IDE


Introduction Java Server Faces (JSF) is a widely-used web application framework based on standards and promoted by Sun Microsystems. It provides a high level framework, based on the MVC pattern, which brings several functionalities for simplifying the building of user interfaces of web applications. also read: Introduction to JSF JSF Interview Questions Request Processing Lifecycle […]

Sample Application for Java Persistence API (JPA)


This article is the last part of the article series Java Persistence API (JPA), the earlier articles are introduction to JPA and the query api in JPA. This article is only for explaining the sample program with concepts used in the previous articles. I would recommend reading the previous two articles before start analyzing this […]

The Query API in JPA (EJB 3.0)


Introduction One of the disadvantage of locating the entity objects using the EntityManager.find() and EntityManager.getReference() methods is, we cannot specify any powerful search criteria for searching the entity objects. All we can provide is the primary key to request for a particular object. Another fact is the class name of entity must be known. The […]

Introduction to Java Persistence API(JPA)


Introduction Java Persistence API (JPA) provides POJO (Plain Old Java Object) standard and object relational mapping (OR mapping) for data persistence among applications. Persistence, which deals with storing and retrieving of application data, can now be programmed with Java Persistence API starting from EJB 3.0 as a result of JSR 220. This API has borrowed […]

What’s new in Struts 2.0? – Struts 2.0 Framework


Introduction In this article we will talk about the new features in Struts 2.0. Over the years, every developers believes that struts is the best and simple framework to implement. Since last two years, more new frameworks come to the market and the use of Struts is declined. Lack of updation in the Struts framework […]

Introductiion to Jakarta Struts


Introduction This article explores the Struts framework in depth and highlights the benefits Struts can bring to your development efforts. We believe that once you can “talk the talk” of web architecture and design, you will be better equipped to use Struts with your own applications. With a sound overview of the Struts architecture in […]

The Java 6.0 Compiler API


Introduction One of the cool features available in Java 6.0 (Mustang) is the ‘Java Compiler API’. This API is a result of the JSR (Java Specification Request) 199 which proposes that there must be a standard way to compile java source files. The result of the JSR is the new ‘Java Compiler API’ and one […]