Struts 2.0 and Validations using Annotations


This article provides an introduction to Struts 2.0 and its new Validation Features. Since Struts 2.0 is new, the first few sections of the article discusses in brief about the basics of Struts 2.0, its architecture and its various New Features. The rest of the article is dedicated towards explaining about the new Validation Features […]

Comparison of AJAX Frameworks: Prototype, GWT, DWR and Thinware


Introduction These days we can see that the concept of Web 2.0 is becoming popular. Web 2.0 refers to the concept of new web applications that are interactive in nature and are intended to help people to collaborate and offer services for them, not just static HTML. This stuff became possible, in part, by means […]

Introduction to Java Server Faces (JSF)


1) Introduction In Fact, JSF is nothing but an abstraction over the existing Web Framework. JSF is implemented as a Servlet which is called the Faces Servlet. Before the advent of JSF, Servlets and JSP are the predominant ones that form the core components in the development of a Web Application. Let us see the […]

Integrating Struts With Spring


This article explains how to integrating struts with spring. Struts is more established and more stable MVC2 framework at this time so if your application is based on Struts framework you may forget about thinking to move to some other framework. But at the same time you must have heard about the buzz created by […]

Interceptors in Hibernate Framework


1) Introduction This article deals with Hibernate Interceptors. Hibernate is an open-source project that provides ORM solution. For more information about Hibernate, novice readers are encouraged to read the article An Introduction to Hibernate on javabeat before reading this article. Situations may demand to perform some set of pre-requisite/post-requisite operations before/after the core functional logic. […]

What is hibernate framework?


1) Introduction Persistent data can be seen anywhere in an application. Managing persistent data is one of the few challenges that modern technologies/products are facing. A solution called Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) has gained major popularity over the past few years. ORM is a piece of software/product for the representation and conversion of data between the […]

Introduction to Spring Web Flow


You must have found the web applications are getting more and more complex and to maintain them is getting even harder. You now have to write or understand and maintain a large and complex page flows (flow of the application). If you are bugged down with creating such a complex application the answer lies in […]