Unit Testing with JUnit 4 Annotations


JUnit 4.0 introduces a completely different API to the older versions. JUnit 4.0 uses Java 5.0 annotations to describe tests instead of using inheritence. It introduces more flexible initialization and cleanup, timeouts, and parameterized test cases. This post describes the new features in JUnit 4.0, and in the end, I show a basic example that […]

Pagination using Hibernate and JSP

If the result set is large, then having the entire result set in memory will not be feasible. With large result sets, you cannot afford to have them in memory. In such case, you have to fetch a chunk of data at a time (query based paging). The down side of using query based paging, […]

Struts 2.0 and Spring


In this post, I will describe how to do the same using Struts 2.0. The only major step that needs to be done here is to override the default Struts 2.0 OjbectFactory. Changing the ObjectFactory to Spring give control to Spring framework to instantiate action instances etc. Most of the code is from the previous […]

Circular Linked List in Java


Had to implement a circular linked list recently. Here’s my take, suggestions are welcome. The list can be parameterized for any type which has a meaningful equals method defined. The main method shows a sample usage of the Circular linked list with the String type. Only add, remove and size method are implemented. also read: […]

Servlet 3.0


Can’t wait to see Servlet 3.0 in action. More details about the specification and the current status is available in its JSR homepage. The introduction of support for non-blocking I/O takes Java Servlets to a new level and this, in my opinion,is the most significant stride in Servlet specification since it was introduced. The benefits […]

Beginners Guide for Struts 2 Custom Validators


Struts 2.0 allows the use of Custom validators through the @CustomValidator annotation. The @CustomValidator annotation takes two mandatory parameters, type and message also read: Struts 2 Tutorials Struts Interview Questions Struts and Spring Integration type: Refers to the “name” given to the validator in the validators.xml file. message: Message to be displayed when this validator […]

Many-to-One Relationship in Hibernate Mappings – Example

This example program demonstrates how to write the many-to-one accociations using the hibernate mapping files. Book.java 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 package hibernate;   import java.io.Serializable;   public class Book implements Serializable{ […]

Difference between hibernate’s save,update and saveOrUpdate() methods

Difference between hibernate’s save,update and saveOrUpdate() methods Hibetnate has set of methods for saving and updating the values in the database. The methods look like same and difficult to differentiate between them if you are not understanding them clearly. If you understand the hibernate mechanism clearly, it doesn’t execute the SQL statements directly to manipulate […]

How to enable SSL on JBoss application server?


To enable SSL on JBoss add the following segment to JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcatxx.sar/server.xml as a child of the jboss.web Service element. also read: WebLogic Interview Questions JBoss Portal Server Development Tomcat Interview Questions NOTE: You can use any keystoreFile of your preference instead of the wso2wsas.jks which is shipped with WSO2 WSAS.

Sample code for SimpleDateFormat


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