Using Controllers in Play Framework


Play Framework Cookbook The Play framework is the new kid on the block of Java frameworks. By breaking the existing standards it tries not to abstract away from HTTP as with most web frameworks, but tightly integrates with it. This means quite a shift for Java programmers. Understanding the concepts behind this shift and its […]

The Memory Leak Detector Oracle JRockit


Oracle JRockit BookThis book is the result of an amazing series of events. In high school, back in the pre-Internet era, the authors used to hang out at the same bulletin board systems and found each other in a particularly geeky thread about math problems. Bulletin board friendship led to friendship in real life, as well […]

HTML 5.0 Features

Introduction to HTML5.0 HTML 5.0 will be the new standard for html, xhtml and DOM. HTML 5.0 was started by World Wide Consortium(W3C) and the web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group(WHATWG). HTML 5.0 reduces the need for external plugins(like Flash player). HTML5.0 provides better Error Handling. IT provides more mark upto replace scripting. New features […]