Book Review: Pro Java 7 NIO.2

The Pro Java 7 NIO.2 book is all about the latest enhancements to the File NIO APIs added as part of Java 7. The book covers New Path and Paths API: A brief overview of the Path and Paths classes and how these can be used to represent a file/directory. Also explained are the different […]

Reading file asynchronously in Java


We all are familiar with reading/writing file in a synchronous way. In Java 7 a new API was added to read/write the contents of the file asynchronously. The API is AsynchronousFileChannel. also read: Java 7.0 Tutorials New Features in Java 7.0 G1 Garbage Collector in Java 7.0 In this example lets look at how to […]

How to use Socket API for creating Client-Server application in Java


In this example we make use of ServerSocketChannel and SocketChannel to create a simple Echo application where in the Server would print the data sent by the client. also read: Java Tutorials Java EE Tutorials Design Patterns Tutorials Java File IO Tutorials The code is explained with the required comments: and the client which connects […]

How to use ByteBuffer in Java?


ByteBuffer API has been in Java since 1.4. The name itself suggests that these contain bytes of data. The data to be stored in the buffer can be Integer (int, long), Characters (char), Floating value (double), all these are converted into bytes before being stored in the buffer array. ByteBuffer can be of two types- […]