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Android is the most emerging mobile technology in the current scenario. If you look into the mobile application development market, more than 75% of the developers are working for the Android devices. Android is the most popular mobile operating system maintained by Google. Because of its popularity, the demand for Android developers have increased dramatically. When in the early 2000, how Windows desktop operating system has dominated the PC industry, in the same way Android is dominating the mobile devices industry.


It becomes necessary for every company to hire the Android developers to help the client to develop application which can run on the Android devices. One of the challenging thing in the Android development is the continuous release of new versions. It makes more challenging for the application developers to keep updated with the latest version. If you have developed an application for older version of operating system, when there is new version is updated, developer may have to upgrade his application to make it compatible with the latest version.

Keeping in mind the need for Android development, JavaBeat team has hired few talented Android developers and started their work on writing the complete set of Android articles. These articles will be published at The following are the summary of some of the most recently published articles. If you are Android developer, please subscribe to

Android Articles

  • This tutorial describes how you can set up a development environment for building Android applications in Eclipse IDE. Android is the leading Operating System in the smartphone market. This makes android is the most popular among the mobile application developers. If you are a mobile application developer, knowing Android application development adds lot of values to your profile.
  • How to write a simple Android application?
    • This example assumes that you have already set up the android environment and ready for the development. If you have any questions, please post it in the comments section.
  • Shared Preferences in android
    • In mobile application development each and every small information cannot be stored in a database, as complex database queries can limit the processing power of the processor affecting the battery life.  Android provides a simple mechanism called “Shared Preferences“ using which small and vital information like user preferences and others can be stored .
  • How to create a Toast message in Android?
    • A Toast in android is a transient notification that needs no user interaction. It disappears after a certain time period. It notifies user that something has happened.The current activity remains visible even when the toast message pops up. You can always make a toast to display messages of your choice.
  • How to Debug an Android application with LogCat?
    • This tutorial explains you how to debug a simple helloworld application with LogCat. In my previous post i have explained you about how to create a helloworld application. Let us now discuss how to debug that application with LogCat.
  • How to write AndroidManifest.xml?
    • AndroidManifest.xml is the central configuration file for the android Application. Android Manifest presents essential information about the application to the Android system.There will be only one manifest file per application and it is the required file for any android application placed in its root directory.

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