JBoss Portal Server Development


Enterprises need more than just basic services; they need value-creating entities, which are crucial for running a successful business. Portals offer tremendous value to enterprises, and JBoss Portal Server is a popular, feature-rich open-source server that provides a standards-compliant platform for hosting functionality that serves the diverse portal needs of an enterprise. Its primary strength […]

Yahoo! User Interface library(YUI)


About Yahoo! User Interface Library – Book Learning the Yahoo! User Interface Library introduces the popular open-source YUI JavaScript library and takes the user through each of the fully released components in detail looking at the classes that make up each component and the properties and methods that can be used. It includes a series […]

DWR Java AJAX Applications


In this chapter, we will get to the actual hands-on work. We will develop samples based on DWR, which show how to dynamically change the common user interface elements such as tables and lists as well as field completion. We also make a dynamic user interface skeleton for our samples that will hold all the samples in this […]

How to install Tomcat 6.0 server?


This article explains how to install the tomcat 6.0 server in your desktop. This is pretty simple and since moss of the java beginners find its difficult to get started with the web development. Because tomcat is the mostly recommended web server for learning JSP and Servlets basics. Tomcat is also the Reference Implementation(RI) for […]

Editing eclipse classpath file


While creating a project in Eclipse, by default it creates a .classpath file in the project directory. That file will be usedfor storing file names and other dependent files needed in the classpath to compile and execute the project successfully. Normally this file will be updated automatically when ever you update the project libraries here […]

Create EJB 3.0 project in NetBeans 6.1


Introduction This article explains how to create EJB 3.0 project using NetBeans IDE 6.1. This article will not explain the details of EJB 3.0 but will give basic knowledge on how to create simple EJB 3.0 project using NetBeans 6.1 IDE. also read: Java EE Tutorials EJB Interview Questions EJB 3 Web Services Annotation and […]

OpenCms 7 Development


Overview This book is a guide for developers interested in building websites using the OpenCms content management system. The book is intended for developers who are familiar with Java, JSP, and building web applications based on the Java J2EE framework. also read: HTML Tutorials CSS Tutorials JavaScript Tutorials In this book, we will develop a […]

Programming Web Services using Apache Axis


The article titled Programming Web Services using Apache Axis shows how Axis Framework has simplified the creation of Web Services. It will start with the definition of Web Services and its related terminologies like SOAP and WSDL. Following that the ease with which Web Services are published are explained. The later section explores about the […]

Comparison of AJAX Frameworks: Prototype, GWT, DWR and Thinware


Introduction These days we can see that the concept of Web 2.0 is becoming popular. Web 2.0 refers to the concept of new web applications that are interactive in nature and are intended to help people to collaborate and offer services for them, not just static HTML. This stuff became possible, in part, by means […]