Spring and JMX Integration


Introduction In this article we will see how to integrate JMX with Spring. This article assumes that the reader has a basic understanding on Spring and JMX. We will initially explore a sample on JMX written without the support of Spring, then will learn the dis-advantages in using so. Later we will see how to […]

Introduction to Spring JDBC Framework


Introduction In this article, we will see how to interact with the database through JDBC APIs using Spring framework. Spring’s JDBC framework integration simplifies the task of resource management like closing connection, statement, resultset etc, complex exception handling, providing reusable object oriented access towards database operations. Jdbc Template Usage also read: also read: Spring Tutorials […]

Weblogic Interview Questions

1)How do I provide user credentials for starting a server? When you create a domain, the Configuration Wizard prompts you to provide the username and password for an initial administrative user. If you create the domain in development mode, the wizard saves the username and encrypted password in a boot identity file. A WebLogic Server instance can refer […]

JBoss Seam Interview Questions

Q: What version of JBoss AS do I need to run Seam? A: For Seam 1.3: Seam was developed against JBoss 4.2. Seam can still be run against JBoss 4.0. The seam documentation contains instructions for configuring JBoss 4.0. A: For Seam 1.2: Since Seam requires the latest edition of EJB3, you need to install […]

JVM,JRE,Java Compiler Interview Questions

JVM,JRE,Java Compiler FAQs-1 1)How can I write a program that takes command line input? A: Java programs that take input from the command line declare a special static method called main, which takes a String array as an argument and returns void. The example program below loops through any arguments passed to the program on […]

Tapestry Interview Questions and FAQs

Jakarta Tapestry Interview Questions and FAQs – 1 1. How does Tapestry compare to other frameworks? Tapestry is very much unlike most other frameworks in that it doesn’t use code generation; instead it uses a true component object model based on JavaBeans properties and strong specifications. This gives Tapestry a huge amount of flexibility and […]

Java Threads Interview Questions

Java Threads Interview Questions – 1 1)What is threaded programming and when is it used? Threaded programming is normally used when a program is required to do more than one task at the same time. Threading is often used in applications with graphical user interfaces; a new thread may be created to do some processor-intensive […]

Groovy Interview Questions and FAQs

Groovy Interview Questions and FAQs – 1 What is Groovy? Groovy is a powerful high level language for the Java platform which compiles down to Java bytecode. Think of it as a Ruby or Python like language that is tightly integrated with the Java platform – allowing you the same powerful and concise coding syntax […]

Tomcat Interview Questions

Tomcat Interview Questions – 1 How do you create multiple virtual hosts? If you want tomcat to accept requests for different hosts e.g., www.myhostname.com then you must 0. create ${catalina.home}/www/appBase , ${catalina.home}/www/deploy, and ${catalina.home}/conf/Catalina/www.myhostname.com add a host entry in the server.xml file Create the the following file under conf/Catalina/www.myhostname.com/ROOT.xml Add any parameters specific to this […]

Apache Ant Interview Questions

Apache Ant Interview Questions – 1 1)What is ant? Ant is a small animal who can build magnificent buildings. Ant builds! ANT is a Java based building tool, which is similar to make, and so much better than make. ANT, what a smart name for a building tool, even the original author of ANT, James […]