Abstract keyword In Java


What is Abstract As we all know,An abstract method declaration introduces the method as a member, providing its signature, return type, and throws clause , but does not provide an implementation. Every subclass of A that is not abstract must provide an implementation for method, or a compile-time error occurs. also read: Java Tutorials Java […]

JSF Best Practices


Here I am documenting some best practices can be followed during JSF project development. Open Source Components Use myfaces . It doesn’t matter which one you use because both comes from Sun. Sun offers myfaces through open-source community. also read: Introduction to JSF JSF Interview Questions Request Processing Lifecycle phases in JSF Use richfaces to get […]

ThreadLocal in Java


ThreadLocal is one of the rarely used class in Java. I found it is one of the powerful class in Java on multi-threaded programming. In multi threaded program generally we use session object to track the current users information. also read: Java Tutorials Java EE Tutorials Design Patterns Tutorials Java File IO Tutorials These information […]

Why multiple inheritance is not allowed in Java?


For long time I had a question “why Sun introduced Interface concept instead of C++ style of multiple inheritance?“. I did googling but many articles and forums talks about difference between abstract class and Interface not why Interface concept required in Java. After extensive search and analysis I came to know the reason behind the […]

Servlet Life Cycle


Before start writing the servlet, it is important to know the life cylce of every servlet instance created. Read What is Servlet? tips to know about the servlet basics. also read: Java EE Tutorials Servlets Interview Questions New Features in Servlets 3.0 Asynchronous Servlets in Servlets 3 Servlet Life Cycle Methods The following are the […]

SAR (Service Archive) file in JBoss


This tips explains how to create and deploy the SAR file in the JBoss application server. SAR files are only used in the JBoss application server. It cannot be used in the other application server environments. Before looking into creating a SAR file, first let you know what is SAR file. also read: WebLogic Interview […]

New Features in JSF 2.0


JSF 2.0 proposal has been posted on March 2007 and planned for the release in last quarter of 2008. It will be shipped with JEE 6.0 release. Looking into the features lits of the JSF 2.0, it is added lots of interesting features in the list and also they are aiming to attract more new developers […]

New Features in Servlet 3.0


Servlet 3.0 The next version for servlet technology is Servlet 3.0, which is planned to be released with JEE 6.0in the last quarter of 2008. After the release of servlet 2.5 in spetember 2005, this is the new version with many new features included. Servlet 2.5 is released with JEE 5.0. Servlet 3.0 is maintained […]

What is servlet?


Java Servlets Java Servlet is the serverside Java programming language. We can say it as serverside applet. How applet is used for writing the client side code, servlet is used for writing the serverside programming language. Servlet programming is first created by Sun Microsystems in June 1997. The latest version is Servlet2.5 which is released […]

Call Java Oracle Functions From Java program


Call Java Oracle Functions From Java program Beginning with version 8i, the Oracle database includes a fully functional Java Virtual Machine, Oracle JVM. Out of this close relationship between Oracle and Java emerges an important technology for Oracle developers: Java stored procedures. With Java stored procedures, developers have the ability to harness the power of […]