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What is Shale Web Framework?

Apache Shale is a Java Server Faces based Web Application Framework from the Apache software foundation. Shale is talked of as the …


Advantages and Disadvantages – JSF

JSF is becoming more popular framework for user interface layer development, many architects and companies assuming that Struts is becoming outdated and …


Custom DateTimeConverter in JSF

By default JSF using GMT timezone to convert the date into display format. Here is a simple solution where you can provide …


h:graphicImage in JSF

The h:graphicImage tag renders an HTML image tag. also read: Introduction to JSF JSF Interview Questions Request Processing Lifecycle phases in JSF …


New Features in JSP 2.0

New Features in JSP 2.0 JSP 2.0 is released with new promises. JSP 2.0 is an upgrade to JSP 1.2 with several …


What is SOA?

SOA Service Oriented Architecture or SOA for short is a new architecture for the development of loosely coupled distributed applications. In fact …


What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0, a phrase is a cluster term for the new phase of World Wide Web, which was coined by O’Reilly and …

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