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Closures in Java 7.0

What is a closure? Wikipedia says: A closure is a function that is evaluated in an environment containing one or more bound …


Inner Classes in Java

As we all know what an inner class is so lets try to know few more rules about Inner Classes. Inner classes …


Abstract keyword In Java

What is Abstract As we all know,An abstract method declaration introduces the method as a member, providing its signature, return type, and …


JSF Best Practices

Here I am documenting some best practices can be followed during JSF project development. Open Source Components Use myfaces . It doesn’t matter …


ThreadLocal in Java

ThreadLocal is one of the rarely used class in Java. I found it is one of the powerful class in Java on …


Servlet Life Cycle

Before start writing the servlet, it is important to know the life cylce of every servlet instance created. Read What is Servlet? …


New Features in JSF 2.0

JSF 2.0 proposal has been posted on March 2007 and planned for the release in last quarter of 2008. It will be …


New Features in Servlet 3.0

Servlet 3.0 The next version for servlet technology is Servlet 3.0, which is planned to be released with JEE 6.0in the last …

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