Creating simple toolbar using RichFaces tag library


rich:toolBar, rich:dropDownMenu and rich:menuItem This example demonstrates how to create simple toolbar using RichFaces tag library. RichFaces provides predefined tags like rich:toolBar which will be easily plugged into our webpages to display the toolbar component. Apart from rich:toolBar, to create menus we have to use other tags rich:dropDownMenu and rich:menuItem. also read: Introduction to JSF […]

Use rich:datascroller for rich:dataTable pagination


rich:datascroller and rich:dataTable rich:dataTable tag is the RichFaces version for datatable component which has few extra features on look and feel.One of the difficulty JSF developers is creating good pagination for the data dsiplayed using rich:datatable. To resole this problem, RichFaces tags library provides rich:datascroller component which can display the automatic paginations based on data […]

Use a4j:status to display status of the request


a4j:support and a4j:status When there is a request to the server, the client have to wait untill he gets the response. It will be nice if you give status of the server request processing. use a4j:status tag in the RichFaces to implement this feature in your webpages. In this example this tag is used with […]

a4j:support – How to use action attribute?


a4j:support and action attribute This example program demonstrates how to use action attribute to update the server values and display in the screen. In this example user inputs are passed to update method and processed. The values are updated in the h:panelGrid component. also read: Introduction to JSF JSF Interview Questions Request Processing Lifecycle phases […]

a4j:support – Simple Example on onkeyup event


a4j:support This example program demonstrates how to get started with a4j:support tag in the RiachFaces tag libraray. This is part of Ajax4jsf libraray. But, from RiachFaces 3.0, Ajax4jsf is merged with RichFaces tag libraray. a4j:support is used inside any component to provide ajax support on that particular field. also read: Introduction to JSF JSF Interview […]

How to write Throws Advice in Spring AOP?


Throws Advice Example Throws Advice is used when throwing exception from the business methods. This interceptor will be called when there is any exception, so one can do any logic to candle the exception. also read: Spring Tutorials Spring 4 Tutorials Spring Interview Questions For writing the Throws Advice implementation you have to implement ThrowsAdvice […]

How to write Interception Around Advice in Spring AOP?


Interception Around Advice Example In this tips we explore how to use the Interception Around Advice in Spring’s Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP). Interception Around Advice is fundamental advice type in the Spring framework. Also this advice type is derived from other frameworks like AspectJ. So it is interoporable with other frameworks, other advices in the Spring […]

Simple example for Before advice and After Advice in Spring Framework


BeforeAdvice and AfterReturningAdvice This tips presents a very simple program for invoking the Before Advice and After Returning Advice in the Spring Framework. Thsese two methods are part of Spring’s AOP implementation and used as interceptor methods. the following program create spring beans using the standalone java program and invokes the business logic method. Business […]

Basic steps to configure Log4j using xml and properties file


This example demonstrated how to configure Log4j setup using the Properties file and XML file. These are the two most widely used techniques for configuring the Log4j for your application. But, in the recent days configuring with properties files are considered to be old technique and recommended using XML. This example program uses simple standalone […]

Batch insert in Hibernate


This example program shows how to insert multiple rows using the batch processing in hibernate. when there are thousand of rows to be persisted, everytime iterating and inserting will cause the memory problem. Hibernate stores all the persisted objects in the memory. To avoid this problem use batch processing in the hibernate. also read: Introduction […]