Introduction to Servlet


Java EE Tutorials Servlets Tutorials Servlets Interview Questions What is Servlet ? Servlets are an important component of a J2EE application. Servlets along with JavaServer Pages (JSP) and EJB modules can be termed as server-side J2EE component types. Servlet is a Java Programming Language. Servlets are used to create web applications. Servlets are used to […]

How To Run External Application From Java


If you are working on system programming in Java, it is very common to run the processes for starting some external applications. Runtime class defines a method to execute the external applications. This example shows how to open another eclipse instance from the Java program. This example opens the eclipse IDE, and the closes the […]

How To Write Properties To XML File In Java


In my previous tutorial I have written a sample program to write properties to a properties file. This example is writing the properties object values to a XML file. Here we are using the storeToXML method instead of just store method. This method will create the XML file with the content in the properties object. Lets look at […]

How To Write Properties File In Java


Properties files are stored values in the key-value pairs. This tutorial explains how you can create the properties file using the Java program. If you are aware, Java itself has a Properties class which is used for string the values in the key-value pairs. If you have the values in the Properties object, then those […]

How To Get Java System Properties Values


Java’s System class maintains a property object which contains the various details of the current user, Java version, operating system, etc. These are predefined values and can be easily accessed by calling the System class level methods. This utility is very useful to get the native operating system details. Lets look at the below example […]

How To Get Screen Resolution In Java


This post highlights the one of the feature of Toolkit class in Java. If you are working on web application or desktop development, the common standard is to render the screen for the user’s current resolution. Each user may have the different resolutions and screen sizes. It is very simple to get the current screen size […]

How To Get IP Address In Java


This is simple example to demonstrate the use of InetAddress.getLocalHost() API to retrieve the IP Address details of your local system or where ever the Java program is executed. If you write a server applications, this can be used for getting the server’s IP Address. Lets look at the example code to display the IP Address […]

How To Get Free Disk Space In Java (Windows)


This simple Java program helps you to get the free disk space on your windows machines. Here I have used three methods for getting the disk space from your system. getTotalSpace() getUsableSpace() getFreeSpace() The above methods are introduced from Java 6.0 and as part of the package. The below example prints the disk space […]

How To Test Internet Connection Using Java


It is very often required to test the internet connection for performing some operations. If there is no internet connection established, then alternative logic will be executed. Java provides useful classes in package for connecting to the internet. Here I written a very simple example to test if your system is connected to internet. […]

How To Check Network Connection Using Java


It if often required to get the details of the network connection in your desktop. It will be useful if you could get the details of all the connected network details for the future operations. Java has set of classes in the package which is useful for the Java network programming. In this example […]