Final Keyword


Final keyword in Java language is used with variables, methods and classes. The general idea behind the use of final is to restrict the manipulation of original value. Variables – The initial value can not be changed once it is assigned. You can initialize the final variable first time, but later it is not allowed […]

Abstract Keyword


Abstract keyword is used with class and method declaration. Abstract defines incomplete data structures where the final or complete implementation will be done by its child class. In Java, Abstract used for defining the common behaviour for a class and let the child class to override the common behaviour. Some of the characteristics of the […]

JSP Actions


Java EE Tutorials JSP Tutorials Recommended Books for Java Server Pages (JSP) JSP actions are XML syntax tags used to control servlet engine.The Action tags are used to control the flow between pages and to use Java Bean. We can insert file, forward one page to another page or we can create HTML page for […]

JSP Syntax


Java EE Tutorials JSP Tutorials Recommended Books for Java Server Pages (JSP) This tutorial explains the basic elements used in the JSP pages. Following table lists these JSP elements with syntax. JSP Tag Description Syntax Directive Specifies translation time instruction to JSP engine. There are there types of directives: page,include and taglib directives. <%@Directives%>, <%@page..%>, […]

Bootstrap Vs Foundation


This tutorial highlights the overview of important differences between the UI frameworks Bootstrap and Foundation. If you are not familiar with these frameworks, please the introduction article on bootstrap and foundation. For last couple of years, advancement on the mobile technologies are enormous. Data access using the mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets overtook the […]

Spring Framework 4.1 Announced


Within one month after the major release of Spring 4, this week Spring IO team has announced their plan for their next release on Spring Framework 4.1. This new version would be available to the public by August 2014. It is expected that Release Candidate1 (RC1) will be made available from Jun 2014.As their blog […]

Bootstrap Setup


Setting up Bootstrap is very simple and easy to get started writing your first bootstrap application. There two variations of getting the bootstrap from their website Download Bootstrap Download pre-compiled bootstrap When you download the pre-compiled version of the distribution, it comes with the minified version of CSS, JavaScript and HTML files. This is the […]

Create JSP Page in Eclipse


Java EE Tutorials JSP Tutorials Recommended Books for Java Server Pages (JSP) Simple JSP Example using Eclipse Let us write a simple JSP code using Eclipse IDE and execute it using a web application server (Tomcat). Tools Used We are using the following tools to write and execute our JSP code: Java 7 Eclipse IDE […]

What is Bootstrap?


Bootstrap is Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap is popular Javascript framework for building the rich web applications with minimal effort. This framework is developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. It was released as an open source product in August 2011 on GitHub. This […]

JSP Architecture + Lifecycle


Java EE Tutorials JSP Tutorials Recommended Books for Java Server Pages (JSP) Java Server Pages are part of a 3-tier architecture. A server(generally referred to as application or web server) supports the Java Server Pages. This server will act as a mediator between the client browser and a database. The following diagram shows the JSP architecture. […]