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TypedQuery in JPA 2

One of the new feature introduced in JPA 2.0 is using the TypedQuery interface for building the query. This can be used …


JPA Releases and Implementations

Java Persistence API (JPA) is the database layer specification created and maintained by the Java experts group. The first release of JPA …


How To Generate Javadoc With Ant

This tutorial explains how to create Java documentation using the ant script. Every project has Java doc for the documentation purpose. If …


JPA 2.1 New Features

JPA 2.1 adds lot of enhancements on top of the JPA 2.0 features. Some of the notable features are custom converters, criteria …


JPA 2.0 New Features

Java Persistance API (JPA) is the object relational mapping (ORM) specification for Java EE applications. It is only the specification, every framework …

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