How To Increase Heap Size in Eclipse?


If you get the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space while running Java applications, it means that your Java application environment don’t have the sufficient space to store the values needed for your application. This could be because of the following reasons: By mistake, you have set the less memory for your Java environment (or) Your […]

Convert Java Project to Web Project in Eclipse


This tutorial is for adding a simple tips to the Eclipse developers. When you have a Java project already created in your eclipse, now you want to convert that same project to a Web project instead of creating a new project. We can do that easily using the property window for that specific project. 1. […]

Deployment Descriptor in Different Servlet Versions


In this tutorial I will post the list of web.xml file used in the previous versions of servlet. This will help you to understand the evolution of servlet configuration file and the latest improvements. New Features in Servlet 3.0 What is load on startup element in web.xml file 1. Servlet 2.3 This version uses the […]

org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateProcessingException: Exception evaluating OGNL expression


When you work with Thymeleaf application, you would have encountered the TemplateProcessingException exceptions. The problem is the use of default context variables. It could be because of Wrong use of the context variable name (or) The property name accessed by the context variable object is not correct.

Context Objects in Thymeleaf


In my previous article I have explained about the different types of expression languages used in Thymeleaf framework. If you have worked with JSP or any other web frameworks, there are number of implicit objects available in the context for the free use. These objects are created by the container and made it available with […]

Expression Language in Thymeleaf


In my previous tutorial I have explained about the simple hello world example to start writing your first example using the Thymeleaf framework. If you are not familiar with this new framework, I would recommend to read that tutorial before start reading this tutorial. When we work with web frameworks, one of the important feature […]

WebContext in Thymeleaf


In my previous tutorial I have explained about writing your first Hello World example using Thymeleaf template engine framework. If you look at the example, it uses some kind of context to transfer the variables across its application. The same way how ServletContext or SpringApplicationContext works, Thymeleaf has its own context framework to maintain its […]

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javassist.ClassPath


When you work with Hibernate or Thymeleaf, it is probably that you would get the below exception. It may happen any other projects too if that library has the dependency with javaassist library. I have got this exception when I started developing my first Hello World application using Thymeleaf template framework. The reason for the […]

Thymeleaf Hello World Example


This tutorial is Hello World example for the template engine framework Thymeleaf. This framework is released few years back and many projects adopted this template engine framework. In simple terms, Thymeleaf is a Java library which can be easily integrated to any Java applications or frameworks like Spring to use as the view templates. Thymeleaf […]

Spring Best Practices & Cloud Foundry Event in Bangalore : Free


This week’s Spring team is conducting a free session on the topic Spring Best Practices and Cloud Foundry. Normally these session are not free for the users. This time, they are offering for free f cost. The seats are limited and will be filled up very soon since this offering is free. If you are […]