Hibernate Dependency Library Exception (JBoss Logging) : org/jboss/logging/BasicLogger


If you are developing hibernate application, it is internally using the JBoss logging framework. You have to add the jboss-logging-3.1.4.GA.jar to resolve the dependency. Also you can get JAR files from the maven repository. If the JAR is not in the libraries, you would get the following exception. Exception Trace

Hibernate Configuration Resource Loading Problems


It is one of the very common exception thrown when you start setting up the environment for hibernate application. hibernate.cfg.xml is the default configuration file for defining the hibernate database configurations and mappings. This file has to be copied in the classpath directory. In this scenario, you always keep this file under the “src” folder […]

Hibernate ORM 4.3.0 Released


Hibernate got its own website. If you look at the website, hibernate is grown big from just a ORM framework couple of years back. Last week hibernate has released its latest version 4.3.0. The main theme for this release is the support for JPA 2.1 (JSR 338) specification. The following are some of the notable […]

Struts 2 Tutorials


Apache Struts 2 is another popular Model – View – Controller (MVC) framework from the Apache foundation. Since the inception of Struts 1, it is one of the most popular framework used by the Java developers. Struts 2 enhances the functionality to latest trend in the web applications development like AJAX, Annotations, etc. with simplified […]

Spring 4 Tutorials


Spring 3 released on 2009. After a long time, a major release Spring 4 is from Spring community. In this time, there is lot of changes in the spring community. Spring is not just seen as the framework, it is moving beyond that level and seen as a enterprise solution provider. Spring is largest Java […]

How To Change Tomcat Default Port Configuration?


Tomcat uses by default on port number 8080 on your computer. It is very common that you would have conflict of port number if there is another service running on the same port. You can change the port number for your tomcat server by changing in the configuration file or through the eclipse editor. 1. […]

Viewport Meta Tag For Responsive Design


Responsive design is gaining more importance thanks to the fastest growth in interest usage using mobile phones and tablets. The web design has to adopt the different layouts looking at the user agent details like browser, desktop or mobile device, etc. It is not very easy to provide such a uniform user interface across all […]

Spring Security 3.2 Released


Spring IO team has announced the Spring Security 3.2 release. There are couple of notable changes in this release are Java Configuration support, Improving security on CSRF attacks and click jacking and Servlet 3+ API support. As the list grows, there are plenty of minor API changes listed in their change notes. There are more […]

@Repeatable Annotation in Java 8


There are many features in the Java 8 release. Only few of them are discussed in the blogs and few are not noticed by many developers are not advertised as it is not popularly used by the common developers. One of such feature is the introduction of @Repeatable¬†annotation which tells the compiler that that annotation […]

Struts 2 + Log4j Integration


This example demonstrates how to integrate log4j to your struts 2 project. Add log4j.jar file in your project lib folder Create log4j.xml file with loggers and appenders. Here I have added file and console appenders. Each log message will be printed in console and a file. Make sure that log4j.xml file is in the classpath. […]