Struts 2 Configuration Files Path


If you are a first time developer who start working on the Struts 2 application, you would have got the below exception and no clue how to fix this problem. This error is thrown because your struts 2 application not able to read your configuration file struts.xml. In any other frameworks we keep the configuration […]

Struts 2 Exception Configuration


Struts 2 simplifies the way we handle the exceptions. In the earlier version of Struts application, handling exceptions needs lot of work. In Struts 2, You can configure the exception type in the configuration file for the each action mapping and redirect to the custom error page. Here I have modified our hello world example […]

Struts 2 Hello World Example


This tutorials explains how to create a simple struts 2 hello world example and deploy in your server. We are manually creating the required files and running the struts 2 application. Struts 2 Components Action: Create Action class to write your business logic and work as controller. Action classes are used for interaction from the […]

Struts 2 Features


Struts 2 is the advanced version of Struts framework. This new framework is re-invented the MVC framework by integrating to another framework known as Webwork. There are handful of new features introduced in the Struts 2 release. When the Struts 1.0 was released, Struts is considered as the most popular web frameworks used by the […]

Spring Framework 4.0 Release and Features


It is finally here!!. On 12-December-2013, Spring IO has officially announced that Spring Framework 4.0 GA is available for the production use. Why there is lot of things to talk about Spring 4.0?. It is the major release after Spring 3.0 which has been released on 2009. Also Spring team has transformed to Spring IO […]

5 New Features in HTML5


This tutorial explains the 5 new features introduced in the HTML5. The features are new doctype, importing scripts and resources, image element tag, canvas element and the offline or local storage in the browser. There are many other great features in the HTML5, here I just give the overview of these 5 new features. 1. […]

How To Set Tomcat JVM Heap Size in Eclipse?


If JVM head size for Tomcat is not enough, you would get the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. If you are using eclipse, it is easy to increase the available heap size by using the server configurations. Look at the below steps to configure the VM arguments passed to JVM for running the tomcat server. 1. Open Server […]

How To Resolve “Resource Is Out Of Sync With The Filesystem” Error in Eclipse?


The error in eclipse IDE Resource Is Out Of Sync With The File system happens many time when the resource is out of sync and may be updated by some other sources. We need refresh each time by default to load that files. There is settings in eclipse to permanently fix this problem. Look at […]

Update Eclipse Project Facets Using Settings File


In some cases you will not be able to change the eclipse project facets through dialog boxes. It would happen many times when you want to downgrade your versions of facets used by your eclipse project. For example, If your current project configuration is Dynamic Web Module 3.0, if you try to downgrade to 2.5, […]

FreeMarker Template + Servlet Integration Example


This is my second tutorial about FreeMarker template engine. In my previous tutorial I have explained about how to create stand alone freemarker template. This tutorial explains how to integrate freemarker template to a servlet. 1. Setup FreeMarker Environemnt It is very simple to setup the freemarker environment by downloading the JAR distribution from its […]