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Struts 2 Interceptors Example

Interceptors are powerful mechanism to control the flow of each request. These are custom and default implementations which can be enforced to …


Struts 2 + JSON Integration

Struts 2 provides struts2-json-plugin.jar for supporting the conversion of result type to JSON strings. Nowadays every framework supports the JSON formats because …


Struts 2 Annotation Example

Struts 2 supports annotations out of the box in its latest release without even a single line of configuration changes. You are …


Struts 2 Resource Bundle Example

It is best practice to have all the labels used in your application in the centralized location. Tradionally these message resources are …


Struts 2 TextArea Tag Example

Struts 2 TextArea field is helpful for entering the multiple lines in the input box. It is similar to the textfiled tag, …


Struts 2 Hidden Tag Example

Struts 2 Hidden Tag is helpful for passing the hidden values from one page to another page. In the latest web development …


Struts 2 Select Tag Example

Struts 2 Select tag is helpful for implementing the drop down list where user can select one value from the list. Either …


Struts 2 Radio Tag Example

Struts 2 s:radio button tag helps you to select only one value from the list of options. Unlike check boxes which offer …

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