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Hibernate ORM 4.3.0 Released

Hibernate got its own website. If you look at the website, hibernate is grown big from just a ORM framework couple of …


Struts 2 Tutorials

Apache Struts 2 is another popular Model – View – Controller (MVC) framework from the Apache foundation. Since the inception of Struts …


Spring 4 Tutorial

This page is regularly updated with the latest information about the Spring 4 framework. It is the most recent stable release for …


Spring Security 3.2 Released

Spring IO team has announced the Spring Security 3.2 release. There are couple of notable changes in this release are Java Configuration …


Struts 2 + Log4j Integration

This example demonstrates how to integrate log4j to your struts 2 project. Add log4j.jar file in your project lib folder Create log4j.xml …

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