How to Debug an Android application with LogCat?


This tutorial explains you how to debug a simple helloworld application with LogCat. In my previous post i have explained you about how to create a helloworld application. Let us now discuss how to debug that application with LogCat. Unlike Java, Android doesn’t display its runtime exceptions in its┬áconsole. It displays it using its LogCat. […]

How to write AndroidManifest.xml?


AndroidManifest.xml is the central configuration file for the android Application. Android Manifest presents essential information about the application to the Android system.There will be only one manifest file per application and it is the required file for any android application placed in its root directory. In my previous articles I have explained about setting up […]

How to write a simple Android application?


In my previous article I have explained about how to set up the android environment. This article shows you how you can create a simple Android Application using eclipse. This example assumes that you have already set up the android environment and ready for the development. If you have any questions, please post it in […]

Layouts in Android


Android Layout acts as a container of UI elements. It decides how the different UI elements are arranged and rendered to the user. This article explores the various types of layouts available in the Android development with examples. If you have issues on Android programming, please post it in the comments section. Declaring Layouts Layouts […]

How to set up android development environment?


This tutorial describes how you can set up a development environment for building Android applications in Eclipse IDE. In my future articles, I will be writing about the various programming techniques and features available in the Android development. Android is the leading Operating System in the smartphone market. This makes android is the most popular […]

What is SLF4J?


Logging is a common issue for development teams. And right now there are a lot of options on what exactly to use for logging in Java. The most famous frameworks are: Log4j, Logback, Commons-logging, java.util.logging.┬áBut what happens if we want to change a logging framework by another one, did we have to change the whole […]

How to get current username in Spring Security?


In my earlier articles I have written about the basic spring security mechanism and how to use the login form to redirect the users. Before jumping on to the advanced details on spring security, lets learn about how to get the currently logged in user details. This example illustrates how to get the user details […]

Spring Security Login Form Example


In my previous post I have written a very simple spring security example without any login form mechanism. This example has the slight modification to include the login form example for the authentication. The changes are reflected in the spring-security.xml file. If the user is not logged in, the request will be redirected to the […]

Spring Tutorials


Last couple of years, JavaBeat has published more than 80 articles on the spring framework. We have a very good collection of basics and advanced articles and tutorials on the spring framework. Javabeat is one of the good source for learning the spring technology. This post collects all the articles published earlier into a single […]

Spring Security Basic Example


Spring security is one of the robust security framework provided by Spring community. It is very easy and simple to configure the set up. Spring security has been released its first version on 2003, over the period of years it has become more matured and defacto standard for the spring applications. All the spring web […]