Extending View Resolver and Chaining View Resolvers in Spring MVC


In Spring MVC view resolvers help the Dispatcher Servlet in identifying the views which has to be rendered in response for a request. There are lot view resolvers available in Spring framework. For example: InternalResourceViewResolver, ResourceBundleViewResolver, XmlViewResolver etc. If needed, the programmers can have custom view resolvers by extending existing view resolver implementation or implementing […]

Introduction to Spring Expression Language (SpEL)


Introduction The article Introduction to Spring Expression Language (SpEL) will provide introductory details in writing expression languages using Spring’s Expression framework. The reader is expected to having a basic understanding on the core concepts of Spring before reading this article (Read: Introduction to Spring Framework). This article explains the usage of Spring’s Expression API for […]

New Features in Google Android 2.3


Android is the first open source software stack for mobile/handheld devices. Android predominantly provides support for building rich & flexible mobile apps. Android platform includes a compatible Linux kernel based OS, rich UI, applications, support libraries, application frameworks, support for multimedia, and more. The underlying OS components are written in C/C++ and user applications are […]

Internationalisation(i18n) in GWT Application

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Internationalization is the technique of designing the application to be attuned with different regions or countries where the application needs to be run. Internationalization requires separation of the usage data to be internationalized into properties file. In the Java programming language, internationalization is usually implemented by means of Resource Bundles i.e., a .properties file for […]

OSGi and Apache Felix 3.0


Beginner’s Guide The OSGi specification is a module system and service platform that implements a complete and dynamic component model. Wasn’t that a complicated definition! So how would you really use it to practical modular applications? Let this book break down the seemingly overwhelming OSGi standards for you by explaining Apache Felix‘s powerful architecture in […]

Using YUI to attach JavaScript event listeners


Yahoo User Interface 2.X CookbookWelcome to Yahoo User Interface 2.x Cookbook. The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML, and AJAX. Although you can create stylish Internet applications by modifying its default components, even […]

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.0 Application Development


Google Web Toolkit 2 Application Development CookbookGWT 2.0 radically improves the web experience for users by using the existing Java tools to build a no-compromise AJAX for any modern browser. It provides a solid platform so that the other great libraries can be built on top of the GWT. Creating web applications efficiently and making […]

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Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development


Google App Engine Java and GWT Application DevelopmentThis book is designed to give developers the tools they need to build their own Google App Engine (GAE) with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) applications, with a particular focus on some of the technologies useful for building social-media-oriented applications. The book is centered on a GAE + GWT […]

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History Management in GWT

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Introduction GWT is a toolkit used to write AJAX applications using java language. It comes with Java to JavaScript compiler and a special browser that helps in debugging the GWT applications. GWT Provides lot of user interface widgets that can be utilized to create new applications.There are two modes of running GWT application. They are: […]

Spring MVC – Setter Injection Example


Setter Injection Spring IOC container will inject the dependencies using the setter bean class.All the dependencies are declared as the instance variables of the bean class.Here we show a simple Book details example of Setter-Injection. Spring Framework Articles also read: Spring Articles Spring Books Introduction to Spring’s Aspect Oriented Programming(AOP) Life Cycle Management of a […]