Spring MVC – DispatcherServlet Example


DispatcherServlet Configuration DispatcherServlet : In Spring’s web MVC framework the mechanism of dispatching the request to the appropriate controllers is achieved by configuring the DispatcherServlet class. DispatcherServlet is the class which manages the entire request handling process.Like a normal servlet DispatcherServlet also needs to be configured in the web deployement Descriptor(web.xml).By default DispatcherServlet will look […]

New Features in Flex 4.0


Introduction This article explains the new features introduced in the latest version Flex 4.0. Initial version of Adobe Flex has been released in 2004. In 2008 Adobe has released the version Flex 3.0. But, the latest version of Flex has many improvements compare to its previous releases. If you are not familiar with developing applications […]

JSTL Configuration Error


If you are getting the following error while running the JSP 2.0 in Tomcat server. It means the application is missing JSTL jar file. If you add standard.jar and jstl.jar the problem will be solved. also read: Java EE Tutorials Java EE 7 Tutorials Java EE Interview Questions

Configuring Multiple Databases in Hibernate


Introduction Hibernate is designed to be used with a large set of databases. The details of those databases are configured in an XML file called hibernate.cfg.xml. This configuration files could be given any name and is usually placed in the root of your application class path. There are many configuration parameters available that makes the […]

What is Ext GWT 2.0?


Ext GWT 2.0Ext GWT 2.0: Beginner’s Guide is a practical book that teaches you how to use the Ext GWT library to its full potential. It provides a thorough, no-nonsense explanation of the Ext GWT library, what it offers, and how to use it through practical examples. This book provides clear, step-by-step instructions for getting […]

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Spring HTML TRANSFORM Tag (<spring:transform>)


Spring Tag Library Spring MVC provides a JSP tag library (Spring Form) for making it easier to bind form elements to Model data. Spring Framework also provides you with some tags for evaluating errors, setting themes and outputting internationalized messages. also read: Spring Framework Articles Introduction to Spring MVC Web Framework – Web Tier Integrating […]

Creating Database aware applications in Ruby on Rails


Introduction In this article, we will explore the capabilities of Ruby with respect to the Data Tier. One can understand the power of Ruby which greatly simplifies the development of data aware applications after reading this article. This is mainly because of the abstraction introduced in Ruby in the form of Active Record. Active Record […]

What is Immutable Objects in Java?


An immutable object is something whose state can’t be change after there creation, e.g. String objects. Once you have created a String object, you can’t alter this. Creating an Immutable object’s class Creating an immutable object’s class can be tricky. Minimal requirement to create an immutable object’s class is, make class and every member variable, […]

Novice way to implement a Singleton


I believe everyone starts (and even continues to do so) implementing Singleton pattern in following fashion: also read: Java Tutorials Java EE Tutorials Design Patterns Tutorials Java File IO Tutorials Do you find any problem in it? Well, I have!!! The contract of Singleton class can be broken. Let’s discuss Singleton pattern in Simple Threaded […]

What is Remote Debugging in Java?


Consider a scenario where you can’t run the application in your development environment, e.g. say your application can run only on a server machine (because it is dependent on some third party interface that are not accessible in your development machine) and you have to resolve a problem (bug). What you can do? The solution […]