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What is Immutable Objects in Java?

An immutable object is something whose state can’t be change after there creation, e.g. String objects. Once you have created a String …


Novice way to implement a Singleton

I believe everyone starts (and even continues to do so) implementing Singleton pattern in following fashion: also read: Java Tutorials Java EE …


What is Remote Debugging in Java?

Consider a scenario where you can’t run the application in your development environment, e.g. say your application can run only on a …


Spring MESSAGE and THEME Tags

Spring Tag Library Spring MVC provides a JSP tag library (Spring Form) for making it easier to bind form elements to Model …


Managing transactions in EJB 3.0

Transaction represents a group of activities that must be performed as a single work unit. This clarifies that a transaction is complete …



Preface Every Java Program can attach a shutdown hook to JVM, i.e. piece of instructions that JVM should execute before going down. …

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