Introduction to Foundation 3 Framework


In this article I’ll give a brief overview of the Foundation 3 Framework, which provides us various styles for formatting various page elements in a practical and elegant way, and allows the development of a responsive layout. Foundation 3 is a framework built with CSS SASS, a CSS pre-processor powerful, allowing us to develop much […]

jQuery JavaScript Library – Animations, Event Handler, AJAX and JSON


jQuery is a JavaScript library that greatly reduces the work of encoding and allows us to do complicated things like animations, event handling, use of AJAX , the JSON object , etc.., in an easy way. jQuery can run on any browser such as FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.., unimpeded. To start with JQuery we need the jquery.js file in […]

Introduction to JavaScript


This article aims to give an introduction to simple and not extremely formal scripting language which have been established as one of the foundations of the entire web application. You’ve probably heard this name, but have no idea what it is or you may have used it but have no basic idea about this. Then this […]

Create HTML Forms Without Using Tables


Since last few years CSS (cascading style sheets) has transformed the way the websites are designed. It helps to raise the level of your project in good and attractive ways. In this article we will see a few different ways to create beautiful forms using CSS . Beautiful forms without using tables. In this example we will see how to […]

Creating Slideshow With jQuery


In this article we will learn how to create a slideshow without the help of jQuery plugins and which can be run on any web browser, not leaving the site heavy and without bugs. Creating websites has been changing lately. In the 90s it was rare to see a site organized and fully standardized. Today we have […]

Basics of Java Interface Usage


In this article we will see how to use Java interfaces correctly with with some examples. Using Java as Interfaces is often not used or wrongly used. This article demonstrates the practical uses of Interfaces in Java. First of all it is important to understand what is an interface? Let us create a “contract” where the […]

Working with DOM in Javascript


In this article we will study about DOM, what are its characteristics and properties and in addition, we will see practical examples of how to use the DOM in JavaScript. The Document Object Model or simply DOM is used by web browser to represent your Web page . When this pattern is altered by the use of Javascript it also […]

Garbage Collection in Java


In this article we will cover the proper use of Garbage Collection. Let us learn how it works, and understand how to induce the Garbage Collection. The Garbage Collection is a tool coupled to the JVM, that performs cleanup of objects in memory (Read: static utility for objects) which are of no further use. Our application will constantly suffer […]

Best Practices to Override toString Method in Java?


In this article to we will see how to override the toString method and what are the best practices in Java. Java provides a default implementation for the method toString through a class java.lang.Object which is inherited by all Java classes . However, what it returns is not very informative. Your returned value is composed […]

Conditional Annotation in Spring 4.0


In this article I shall throw some light on one of the new features of Spring 4, Conditional Annotation Type. In the earlier versions of Spring you could handle conditions as below: In Spring with versions earlier to 3.1, you had to use Spring Expression Language (SPeL). With Spring 3.1, a new feature called profiles was introduced which […]