Working with Threads in Java

In this article we will see on how to use practical and simple Java threads to perform parallel processing in your application. The robust Java platform offers us another bonus feature when we deal with parallel processing. In this article we present a practical use of Threads in Java, with the goal of working in […]

Assertions In Java


In this article I’ll give a detailed explanation of the use of Assertions in Java. Assertion often confuse the programmer. It so happens that a programmer is confused as to which of the following to use: IF / ELSE or Assertions?. Assertions are basically used to test whether your code is according to the rules […]

Debugging JavaScript In Mozilla Firefox


In this article we will see how to debug JavaScript code running in the browser Mozilla Firefox, adding breakpoints and inspecting variables. Firefox already has native Debug tools as in Google Chrome. The only big difference is in the taste of each one, so feel free to choose any of the tools because both are […]

CSS Z-Index example


In this article we shall see how the z-index property of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) works and learn to work with the Z axis of the Cartesian plane on the web. When we think of positioning elements on web pages, the first thing that comes in our mind are the axis X and Y that […]

Working with compression API

In this article I shall discuss about how to compress files using Java. Java has a package of classes that allow data compression.Let’s see how easy it is to compress all files in a folder.The first step is to import the classes that we will use: Working with files Package classes will be […]

Static HTML Webpage Creation


In this article I shall detail you about the basics of creating a static HTML page. This article will help beginners who want to create a website of their own or write an HTML page from scratch. Though there are innumerable sites with such related data but I felt I personally should put forth my […]

Spring support for Multipart (File Upload)


In this article let us see how to how Spring supports multipart i.e file uploading. Spring has built-in multipart support for file uploads in web applications. This can be enabled with the interface org.springframework.web.multipart.MultipartResolver object. There are two implementations of the interface MultipartResolver provide by Spring as follows: One implementation is for use with Commons […]

Themes in Spring MVC


In this article I shall discuss about using themes in Spring application. A theme is a collection of static resources, typically style sheets and images, that affect the visual style of the application. We can apply Spring Web MVC framework themes to set the overall look-and-feel of application, thereby enhancing user experience. This would be […]

Exception Handling in Spring with Example


In this article I shall discuss about how to handle exceptions in Spring. In servlet web applications, exception mappings are defined in the web application descriptor web.xml. In Spring, HandlerExceptionResolver implementations can be used to deal with unexpected exceptions that occur during controller execution. These implementations provide information about which handler was executing when the exception […]

Annotation Support for Scheduling and Asynchronous Execution


In the previous post Task Execution and Scheduling in Spring, I explained basic interfaces for task execution and scheduling. In this post I shall demonstrate an example for the same using annotations @Scheduled and @Async. Let us have working Eclipse IDE in place and follow the steps to create a scheduled Spring application: Create a project: […]