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Rengasudharsan Srinivasan


Java Serializable Interface

Serialization is a process by which data structures or objects are translated into a format or a sequence of bytes (often called …


Java Access Modifiers

Questions to be answered: What are access modifiers and why do we need them in Java? What are the class-level and method-level …


Java Varargs

In this article, we will discuss about passing variable number of arguments to Java methods. Variable arguments feature was introduced in Java …


Java equals() and hashcode()

This tutorial explains the equals() and hashcode() method in simple terms. It is one of the confusing questions on the Java developer’s …


Java 7 New Features

As with every new Java version, Java 7 introduced some new features. The new features are definitely worth the change and as …


Java Immutable Objects

Objects whose state can’t be changed after its creation are called immutable objects. It is considered an effective strategy to make objects …


Java Exception Handling

Let’s look at Java exception handling. It is one of the most useful topics and can be confusing at times. But Java …

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