Using JavaFX Chart API to add charts to Swing applications


In our previous post we looked at how we can embed JavaFX components into Swing applications. As Java Swing lacks Charting API, we can make use of the JavaFX Chart API and not depend on other 3rd party libraries like JFreeChart and others. The javafx.scene.chart is the package which contains all the charting related classes. […]

Embedding HTML into Java Swing Applications


HTML in Swing applications? Yes, you have read it right. Swing doesn’t provide components to embed HTML and I have seen lot of people asking how can we add html content in Swing applications. Your concerns have been addressed by the latest release of JavaFX which is JavaFX 2.0. You might wonder what this JavaFX […]

Creating JSON document using Java and GSON API


We saw how to parse JSON using GSON API, in this post we would take a look at how the same GSON API can be used to create JSON from the Java objects. Please read this to get an idea of what GSON is. Diving right into the topic of this example, we would make use […]

Whats new in Java 7 – try-with-resource construct in Project Coin


In our previous post we looked at different features added as part of Project Coin, in this post we will look at another language construct added as part of Java 7 and Project Coin in particular. It is the try-with-resource construct also called as Automatic Resource Management. Before getting into the details of the construct, […]

Using JsonSlurper Groovy API from Java to parse JSON


We have seen here on how to parse JSON in Java using Gson and here on how to parse JSON in Groovy. I also touched upon in brief about Groovy here. The beauty of these JVM languages is that one can invoke these APIs from Java, the only requirement is that you need to have […]

What’s new in Java 7- Features as part of Project Coin


As part of the Project Coin, there were quite a few language enhancements were added to the Language. The last time Java language changed was in the Java 5 release when Generics were added. The changes in introduced in the Java 7 were welcomed by java community around the world. This was seen as a stepping […]

Invoking RESTful Web Service using API in and GSON


In our previous post, we wrote about parsing JSON using Java and GSON library. Moving further, in this article we will look at how to use classes in package to invoke a RESTful Web Service and then parse the JSON response using GSON library. For this we make use of the Twitter REST API […]

Parsing JSON using Groovy


In our previous post we saw how we used Gson API to parse the Json using Java. Not spending too much time on the introduction, I would want to straight away dive into the same parsing which can be done using Groovy language. Groovy is a scripting language which runs on the JVM. It can […]

Parsing JSON using Java and GSON library


In my previous post here, I gave a brief overview of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). In this post I would go a bit further and show how one can parse the JSON documents into Java objects using the GSON library. The JSON data for this tutorial was obtained from: “” where screen_name was TwitterAPI and […]

What is JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)?


A quick JSON search on Google would yield plenty of results and more specifically the JSON homepage. None the less we wanted to share something brief and something good about JSON. Lot of you are familiar with XML and XML had been the defacto data-transfer language in the area of RESTful webservices, but off late […]