PrimeFaces : String Input Elements


In our previous primefaces tutorials, we saw installation setup and some dataInput components. In this tutorial, we will work on String Input components like autoComplete (for suggestions), inputMask (Constrained String Input), colorPicker (HTML color chooser), inplace (editable when clicked) and editor. 1. p:autoComplete Overview It’s appearance is like a textfield with dropdown of suggested completions.  And […]

PrimeFaces Tutorial on Calendar and Input Elements

PrimeFaces Calender Input Elements - Project Structure

1. Introduction to PrimeFaces Input Elements This tutorial covers some of the basic primefaces UI components like p:calendar (the PrimeFaces input element for collecting dates and times), p:spinner and p:slider (PrimeFaces input element for collecting numbers). This tutorial also talks about the style of programming with PrimeFaces in JSF2, and also briefly summarizes the PrimeFaces versions of […]

Primefaces + Spring + Hibernate Integration Example


This tutorial is continuation to my first tutorial on primefaces. i.e, PrimeFaces Hello world example. Before digging more about Primefaces components and its features, let’s have a good project template solution for doing all the CRUD operations by integrating Primefaces with Spring and Hibernate framework’s. This combination is recommended because SpringSource suggests PrimeFaces to be used […]

Prime Faces Hello World Example


In a very simple Java terminology, PrimeFaces is a rich JSF lightweight library with one jar, zero-configuration and no required dependencies. So PrimeFaces is very easy to integrate with our application, just add primefaces-X.jar and start working with its components. Primefaces is one of the most popular UI component libraries used by the Java developers. […]