Book Review : Spring in Action

Spring in Action is the best selling book for the Spring framework. As the name says, it is full of action packed spring related examples and good explanation for the concepts. Let’s further review this book in detail to understand what is the content inside this book. This book is intended not only for the advanced developers with real experience on the spring framework, those who are looking to getting started on the spring framework too find it very useful. This book would be best suite you if you are looking to learn the concepts for implementing in your project.

The latest edition on this series, Spring in Action : Third Edition covers Spring 3.0 topics like most important aspects of Spring 3.0 including REST, remote services, messaging, Security, MVC, Web Flow, and more. If you are planning to buy, don’t buy the older version of the book. Go for the latest edition.  I have used this book for referring some important concepts, it is very useful for the developers to understand the difficult concepts in easier manner. The advantage of Action series by Manning is, they explain the concepts with very fundamentals, it helps the developers to easily grasp the knowledge. One must thank Manning for delivering great books!!

This book covers Spring framework core concept and all of the other modules from spring framework. I will review the chapter wise content, so that you will have an idea of what is inside the book. In the first chapter, Spring in Action talks about the basic concepts on core framework and explains about the Dependency Injection (DI), Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), those two are the most important features of the spring framework. This book also delivers very good examples for each concept.

Second chapter explains the auto wiring concepts on the Dependency Injection (DI). It clearly explains how the beans are initiated and auto wired into other beans. If you have any idea on DI, you must understand the importance of DI in spring framework. These two chapters mainly focusing on the core of spring framework. Everyone must read the first two chapters to continue reading the rest of books.  Third chapter  explains about the Java config project of spring.

Fourth chapter is dedicated to the Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and various techniques used in the AOP. If you are familiar with spring framework earlier, spring framework is adapted AOP from the another framework AspectJ  and later AspectJ have joined the spring community. So, AOP becomes one of the mainstream feature in spring to choose for your project.

Rest of the chapters talks about the JDBC connections, transaction management, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, etc. Over all, Spring in Action covers the wide range of the spring topics for the developers need. I would recommend this book for the spring developers.If you have already used this book for your reference, please share your comments on this book. This would be helpful for the readers.

Buy : Spring in Action.

If you are looking for the further list of available books for spring framework, please refer our spring framework books recommendations. Hope this book review and list of books would help you to choose any one. If you are interested in receiving future java article from us, please subscribe here.

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