What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Bootstrap is popular Javascript framework for building the rich web applications with minimal effort. This framework is developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. It was released as an open source product in August 2011 on GitHub. This framework puts mobile first approach for giving importance on building the mobile web applications. Also it supports the responsive design out of the box by rendering the suitable user interface on looking at the user agent whether the website is accessed from Desktop or Mobile or Tablets.

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Why Bootstrap?

There are many Javascript frameworks in the market, then what makes you to choose Bootstrap for building the websites.

  • Mobile Support: Bootstrap provides first class support for the mobile devices. From Bootstrap 3, the framework consists of Mobile first styles throughout the entire library instead of in separate files. This also supports the responsive design. Responsive design means adjusting the CSS based on the different types of device, size of the screen, etc. This reduces the extra effort for developers for building separate logic for each type of devices.
  • Easy to learn: It is easy to learn. If you know HTML and CSS, it is very simple to write your applications. Just following the official documentation, you can build applications.
  • Browser Support:  It is obvious that every UI framework comes with the out of the box support for multiple browser. Bootstrap also does the same. It supports all the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE.

Bootstrap Components

Bootstrap is modular and contains list of LESS stylesheets. Since version 2.0, the configuration of Bootstrap also has a special “Customize” option in the documentation. The following are the list of components you will get as part of the Bootstrap framework.

  • CSS: It comes with plenty of CSS files.
  • Scaffolding: Bootstrap provides a basic structure with Grid System, link styles, background.
  • Layout Components: List of layout components
  • JavaScript Plugins: It contains many jQuery and other JavaScript plug-ins which can be include one by one or all.
  • Customize: You can customize your components to get your own version of framework.

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