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SCJP 1.5 - FAQs

SCJP 1.5 is the latest version of the foundation certification in Java Offered by Sun. The exam tests understanding the basic understanding of Java 1.5 syntax and structure while touching some topics in much more detail than others.

How does getting SCJP 1.5 certification will help me?

A great debate rages on the benefits of doing a certification and many people claim that being certified hasn't helped them further their careers. Well I believe, doing a certification can help in many ways.

Firstly, as many agree it may not land you the job but it may land you the interview call that you can turn into an offer if you perform well in the selection process. Let's think about it from the employer's perspective. If you have a relevant certification you certainly have an edge over non-certified applicants during the initial screening of resumes. Some won't pay much attention to the fact that you are certified but many will do and it might just help you land that interview call even though your work experience was a little shorter than average applicant to the job.

Also, having a certification like the ones given by Sun shows an employer that you are up to date with the latest concepts like Generics,String Builder etc. Having more than one certification in specific technology highlight your profile from other candidates. For example, if you have SCJP,SCWCD and SCBCD gives the employer more confidence on your technical ability.

Never forget preparing for the SCJP 1.5 is not an easy task and it does put a small dent on your pocket and the employers know that and this would give you an edge.

Also, not only you would be adding another qualification to your resume you would be learning a lot. I learned or rather re-learned many Java concepts while preparing for the certification my self.

However, remember no qualification or certification is a substitute for quality work experience. And do not think having a certification would help you to get the job instead of the brighter, smarter non-certified guy. That would mean the selection process used was flawed.

So, what's on the exam?

Well, the exam tests you on basic Java, OO concepts along with Threads, Generics/Collections, Some bits of Java API etc. The best place to check is from the Official site itself i.e.

Preparing for the exam is no easy task. It usually takes most people 4-6 months to prepare for the exam. However, if you have been working in Java for a while and you are comfortable with basic syntax and API you might be able to prepare in 2-3 months.

350 Mock Questions on SCJP 1.5 - JUST Rs.250 or 7 USD
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