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350 Mock Questions on SCJP 1.5 - JUST Rs.250 or 7 USD
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What do I need to prepare for SCJP 1.5?

There are numerous ways to prepare for the examination; I would list the material available in 3 categories. Mandatory, Recommended, Optional.


  • Java tutorial
  • Java API documentation
  • JDK 5

Highly Recommended

  • A good Certification reference book
  • A good certification related forum/site ( :))
  • A few mock exams. Javabeat provides set of quality mock exams on each topic. You can get the Javabeat Mock Exams for Rs.200. Their mock exams realy gives you good knoweledge on SCJP 1.5 specific topics like Generics,Enums,Java IO,AutoBoxing,VarArgs,etc. Read the feedback posted by real exam takers.

If you are a beginner to Java language, you should start with a basic Java book and graduate to a certification reference book later. If you have studied Java earlier you can dive right ahead in a SCJP reference book. And if usually program a lot in Java (SCJP relevant) you can skip all that and just use the Java tutorial and the API docs to study. One can also refer to Javabeat SCJP articles to eliminate the need of a reference book ;)

Everybody who has given the test says one thing YOU MUST CODE A LOT while preparing. I can not stress this point more. You need to write atleast 3-5 code snippets of about 50 lines each to grasp a concept (Remember I said atleast).

What's the exam like?

The SCJP 1.5 exam contains 72 Qs and you need to get 43 of those questions right to pass the exam (59%). It sounds simple when you hear people getting 85-86% all the time. But, believe me it isn't that simple. Why? Simple, few people report failures! So, you see more success stories and a few failure stories. So, don't think everybody get 80% easily after you read through a list of success stories. And remember, percentages have declined markedly from SCJP 1.4 to SCJP 1.5. And it's the general consensus that SCJP 1.5 is *much* more difficult than the earlier version.

No Of Qs: 72 Qs Pass 59% (43/72) Time 175 min

The most of the questions are multiple options type with each question specifying the number of correct options. With this version of the software Sun has added Drag and Drop question these are more like fill in the blanks with 2 or more blanks in each question and you have to drag and drop the correct option to the blanks. Many people are scared by this. However, I personally found these question to be easier on the exam day.

So that's all for the initial round of FAQ on SCJP 1.5.

Check back in a few days time. I would have more on the exam plus some tips that I used when I prepared for the exam not so long back along with reviews of various books and mock exams available for the exam.


350 Mock Questions on SCJP 1.5 - JUST Rs.250 or 7 USD
Send us mail to
more details

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