Eclipse Tips : Default Browser Settings

If you are working with Eclipse, it has the internal browser for running the web applications. By default, this option is set to its own Eclipse system web browser which will be running inside the Eclipse environment itself. Typically developers run the web applications using the “Run As” command by right click on the web projects. This would open the default browser configured for the Eclipse environment. Eclipse supports the configurations to change the default browser to FireFox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE). If you change the default browser, when ever you run the web applications, the application will open the configured browser.

Lets look the details of the configuration for default browser settings.

Navigate to the path Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Web Browser

Eclipse Default Browser Settings

Also you can add the another web browser apart from the list in the above screenshot by clicking on the “New” button. You have to provide the location of the browser installation directory in the system.

Default Browser Settings Add

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