Eclipse Support for Java 8

Eclipse officially announced that it supports the latest Java version Java 8 from the version Luna 4.4. However, this is not the stable version and it is in the developer downloads. If you are using the latest stable eclipse version 4.3.2, it is very simple to install the patch using the instructions provided in this tutorial. You can download the software from the download page. Note this:

Eclipse support for Java™ 8: Starting with I20140318-0830 all our Luna (4.4) builds contain the Eclipse support for Java™ 8. For Kepler SR2 (4.3.2) a feature patch is available (P20140317-1600).

I have followed below steps in the IDE Eclipse Kepler. If you have any questions, please write it in the comments section.

1. Open Eclipse and navigate to Help > Install New Software…

Eclipse Java 8 Support 1

2. Enter the URL in the “work with” field and hit enter.

Eclipse Java 8 Support 2

3. You would see the list of plug-ins for Java 8 to be installed. Click on the “Next” button.

Eclipse Java 8 Support 3

4. Accept the eclipse license agreement before installing the software. Once select the “accept”, then hit “finish” button.

Eclipse Java 8 Support 4

5. Java 8 software will be installed in your eclipse. You would see the below screen for few minuts. Sit back and relax for few minutes to start jumping to Java 8 world.

Eclipse Java 8 Support 5

6. Restart the eclipse once the installation is completed. Java 8 is ready to taste now.


Watch It in Video


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