Eclipse Tips : How To Configure MySql In Eclipse

This tutorial explains the step-by-step guide for configuring the database connection within your Eclipse environment. It is one of the advantage for the developer to check the database operations within Eclipse itself instead of checking with external tool. However, this would not have the advanced database operations, but will be handy for checking the updated status of the database. This example demonstrates the MySQL database to be added in Eclipse, however the same steps will be applicable to other database. Before you install the database, you have to download the driver JAR file in your system.

1. Open Data Source Explorer in Eclipse

Open Window -> Show View -> Date Source Explorer

Open Data Source Explorer in Eclipse

When you open the window, it would look like this below screenshot.

Open Data Source Explorer in Eclipse View

2. Create New Connection

Right click on the above database option and select “New” for creating the new connection from the database. This below wizard shows the list of databases it supports, here we select the MySQL for our example.

Create New MYSQL Connection

3. MySQL Driver

The below wizards helps you to configure the MySQL driver package and the connection details. This wizard shows the empty list, you have to click on the icon just beside the field “Drivers” which open the new dialog to add the MySQL drivers from your system. If you already have it configured, the the field “Drivers” would list the driver names.

MySQL Driver

Select the MySQL version to be configured.

MySQL Driver

If you don’t have the JAR files added, please add it manually by clicking on the “Add Jar/Zip” button.

MySQL Driver JAR File

Look at the below screenshot, the MYSQL driver is successfully configured and shown in the list. This wizard also helps you to test the connection. If you click on the button “Test Connection”, it will test the connection with database.


4. MySQL Data Source Configured in Eclipse

That’s it!. You have configured the database right within your Eclipse project. You can view the data by clicking on the options provided.

MySQL Data Source Configured in Eclipse


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