Generate XSD from XML files

XSD is the XML schema definition for defining the XML elements in the XML document. Prior to the XML schemas, DTDs are used which are not XML document and has the limitations. XSD is most popular because of the extensibility and the validations for the XML files. You can set the validation rules for the XML files and the values in the XML documents can be validated using the XSD documents. There are number of tools available in the internet to perform the validation tasks.

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There are times when developer wants to generate the XSD from the XML files. In a typical scenario, XSD is written seperately without referring the XML document because XML data can be wrong. In case, if you don’t have the XSD for an XML document and want to generate the XSD for that XML document, there are tools in the internet. This article is not to explain much detail on how to generate the XSD from XML, but to give an idea on where to get the details on the tools and guiding for the resources on the internet.

If you are facing any issues on converting the XML files into the XSD, please post it here.

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