Get Package Name using Reflection

This example demonstrates how to get the package name using the Reflection API. With reflection we can get the details of any class or object and its methods, fields, etc. This is useful when we are doing the dynamic creation of the classes and invoking at run time.

Lets look at the example program to get the package name using reflection.


 * Get package name using Reflection API
 * @author krishna
public class JavaBeatReflectionExample {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
		// Create new object of this class
		JavaBeatReflectionExample className = new JavaBeatReflectionExample();
		// Get package name and print it
		Package pack = className.getClass().getPackage();
		String packageNameStr = pack.getName();
   	        System.out.println("Package Name : " + packageNameStr);


Package Name :



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