Hibernate ORM 4.3.0 Released

Hibernate got its own website. If you look at the website, hibernate is grown big from just a ORM framework couple of years back. Last week hibernate has released its latest version 4.3.0. The main theme for this release is the support for JPA 2.1 (JSR 338) specification. The following are some of the notable features introduced in this release and as part of the JPA 2.1.

  • CriteriaUpdate and CriteriaDelete allow definition and execution of UPDATE and DELETE queries in type-safe Criteria form.
  • Support for the stored procedures.
  • Entity graph support
  • @ConstructorResult support in result set mappings for native queries
  • Synchronization of persistence contexts via SynchronizationType
  • Standardized schema generation. With 2.1 JPA now defines schema generation which is standardized across providers in terms of how generation is performed and the settings providers understand as a baseline. Arun Gupta has a good write up of the basic schema generation support.
  • Entity listeners can now take advantage of dependency injection through CDI.

There are many other features as part of this release.



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