HTML5 Mark Tag

The <mark> element in HTML5 is used to highlight the specified text. The tag used to defines the marked text which is referenced in another context. In the main text, the highlighted text typically marks text that may be of special relevance for the user’s current activity, like search results. Mark element is different from the other elements <strong> and <em>. <String> element represents the importance of the highlighted word. It doesn’t change the meaning of the word. <em> element emphasis of the selected text. This will change the meaning of the sentence.

However <mark> element represents the run of text in the current document. This actually to bring the attention of user for context of the word used in the different part of the document. This helps in searching the word, etc.

Supported Browsers

<mark> element supported in all modern browsers such as Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari…etc. <mark> element doesn’t have any attributes.

Syntax of Mark Tag

<mark>marked text</mark>

Example of <mark> Tag

Following example demonstrates the working of mark element. In this example we marked the to highlight to the user. It is highlighted in the green background.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="ISO-8859-1">
<title>Insert title here</title>
<p>Welcome to the world of Java welcome to <mark style="background-color:green;"></mark> Learning site for all IT solutions.</p>

Example Application Test

  • Save the file as mark_example.html in your system.
  • Just open the file in the browser, you will see the below picture in the browser. Note that the browser must support HTML5 specification.


When the execution process is completed successfully we will get the following output :

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