ICEfaces in Portals with PortletFaces Bridge

ICEfaces in Portals with PortletFaces Bridge

ICEfaces 2 uses the open source PortletFaces Bridge project to provide a much improved portal development experience. The PortletFaces Bridge is based in part on the JSR 329 standard, and provides advanced support for JSF 2.0 Portal applications. Using the improvements in both JSF 2 and Portlet 2, the PortletFaces Bridge now directs all Ajax requests to ICEfaces without bypassing the portlet container while maintaing a rich UI experience by avoiding full page renders.

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With the PortletFaces Bridge, ICEfaces Ajax portal integration adheres to the Portlet 2.0 specification and supports most of the JSR 286 Portlet 2.0 API.

The PortletFaces Bridge is tested and shipped with the ICEfaces 2 distribution and can be used to develop portlet applications with ICEfaces.

ICEfaces 1.x Brings Ajax and JSF to Portals

ICEfaces 1.x introduces easy, transparent use of Ajax in JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications. ICEfaces 1.x provides the same “Ajax over JSF” benefits to portlet developers by providing a simple, generic mechanism for bridging the portlet and JSF lifecycles. By using ICEfaces 1.x, developers can build JSF portlets with automatic support for Ajax, providing a rich user experience where portlets can be smoothly updated without disruption to other portlets on the page. In addition, using Ajax Push, an action in one portlet can be used to trigger changes and updates in other portlets, allowing for a form of Inter-Portlet Communication (IPC) that was unavailable in the Portlet 1.x API. In addition, all these features are available and supported across several leading portal platforms.

ICEfaces 2 and the PortletFaces Bridge

The advent of the Portlet 2.x and JSF 2.x specifications ushered in a host of new features that were previously unavailable in the older portlet and JSF implementations. JSF 2.x now provides native support for Ajax and Portlet 2.x now supports IPC. There are also standard specifications for JSF portal bridges which are designed to be transferrable across portal platforms.

ICEfaces 2 now ties all of these together for an even better portlet development experience. ICEfaces 2 uses the PortletFaces Bridge, a portlet bridge based in part on theJSR-329 standard, including advanced support for JSF 2.0, to provide a much improved portal development experience. The PortletFaces Bridge cleanly isolates the work of meshing the Portlet 2 API and lifecycle with the JSF 2 API and lifecycle.

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