Introduction to JSP

What is JSP?

  • Java Server Pages or as is normally called JSP is a Java based technology that simplifies the developing of dynamic web sites.
  • It is a technology developed by Sun Microsystems, back in 1999.
  • JSP pages are HTML pages with embedded code that allows to access data from Java code running on the server.
  • JSP contains an extension of .jsp
  • JSP provides separation of HTML presentation logic from the application logic.

Advantages of JSP

  • JSP Provides an extensive infrastructure for:
    • Tracking sessions.
    • Managing cookies.
    • Reading and sending HTML headers.
    • Parsing and decoding HTML form data.
  • JSP is Efficient: Every request for a JSP is handled by a simple Java thread
  • JSP is Scalable: Easy integration with other backend services
  • Seperation of roles
    • Developers
    • Content Authors/Graphic Designers/Web Masters
TechnologyAdvantage of JSP
ASPJSP is written in Java hence easier to use compared to ASP which is written in Microsoft specific language.JSP can connect to anydatabase loading the appropriate driver when needed.
ServletsThe advantage of JSP programming over servlets is that we can build custom tags which can directly call Java beans.
JavascriptJavascript is a client orientated and run, in order to provide support for dynamic websites.JSP is a sophisticated Java servlet.
HTMLHTML is client side and provides a means to describe the structure of text-based information in a document.It cannot contain dyamic content.

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