Java EE 8 Survey and Features

Oracle calls the enterprise community for a third and final survey on Java EE 8.  The closing date for the survey will be March 24, 2014 at 12 AM Pacific Time. It is only the attempt by Oracle to gather the information from community to get an idea of what is the most demanded features. However, there is no guarantee that all the features listed in the survey will be added to the package, but it is only kind of nomination. If any of the features receives very less interest, Oracle may drop it from the Java EE 8 package. This survey gives you 100 points which can be distributed to all the features considering maximum would be most important feature. The following are the list of features in the survey.

  1. JCACHE (JSR 107)
  2. Java API for JSON Binding
  3. Java EE Configuration
  4. Java API for server-sent events (SSE)
  5. An additional web MVC framework
  6. Support for CDI-based Security Interceptors for use in authorization decisions
  7. Generalization of the EJB Timer Service and integration of timer notifications with the CDI event/observer facility
  8. Features to support use in the cloud — in particular, multi-instance multitenancy
  9. Improvements in logging
  10. Improvements and simplifications for security
  11. Definition of an embedded web or Java EE container for improved testability, use in production, or both
  12. New APIs (e.g., REST APIs) for Deployment, Management, Monitoring
  13. Pruning of the EJB 2.x remote and local client view and CORBA/IIOP interoperability

The survey results will play a crucial role on deciding the features that will be added to the Java EE 8 release. Please participate in the survey to provide your feedback.

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