Java String Reverse using Recursion

This example shows how to reverse a string using the recursion technique. There are several ways to reverse a string one I have explained using the StringBuffer.

Note: The best way is not to choose recursion technique for reversing the string. These concepts are usually used to teach students the recursion , not actual best practices in many cases while working on the real time applications. However, you could choose some other best approach for doing the reverse of string values.

Lets look at the example.


 * String reverse using recursion example
 * @author krishna
public class StringReverseRecursion {
	public static void main(String args[]) {
		String str = "Java 8 Released on March 18, 2014";
		String reverse = recurive(str);
		System.out.println(str + " : will be reversed to : "+ reverse);

	 * Recursive call
	 * @param input
	 * @return
	static String recurive(String input) {
		if (input.length() <= 1) {
			return input;
		return recurive(input.substring(1)) + input.charAt(0);


Java 8 Released on March 18, 2014 : will be reversed to : 4102 ,81 hcraM no desaeleR 8 avaJ



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