Java Vs. JavaScript

Java or JavaScript? Which should you learn? Which should you use? These two may seem similar, but there are some very key differences between the two programming languages. A quick look at what makes them similar and what sets them apart may help you decide which one is right for you.

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Similarities of Java and JavaScript

Both Java and JavaScript are object oriented programming languages, which essentially means that separate “objects” are created and put together to form a complete program. Both work within HTML documents, but in different ways. Both were created by big computer companies about 15 years ago.

Differences Between Java and JavaScript

That’s about where the similarities end. Although both languages appear in HTML documents, the JavaScript program is actually part of the HTML document, with the language written directly into the code of the document. Java programs, on the other hand, are standalone and the HTML document simply serves as a home for the program.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Java and JavaScript

While both programming languages can be very effective, Java offers more flexibility because it is not limited to the constraints of the HTML document in which it is embedded. Java is, however, also a more challenging language. A basic knowledge of HTML programming is probably sufficient for creating a JavaScript program, but programming in Java generally requires some familiarity with the C and C++ programming languages.

In addition, rewriting Java programs can be a much more involved affair than rewriting JavaScript programs. The latter simply requires going into the HTML document and changing some code. With Java, however, programs must be written in machine language and then compiled into a form that the browser can read. Rewriting a Java program requires rewriting the machine language code and then recompiling it into a readable code.

What It All Means

In the end, both Java and JavaScript have their uses. It is often a good idea to start by learning and getting familiar with JavaScript because it is a more basic language. Once you have mastered JavaScript, though, you may want to consider moving on to Java. Learning JavaScript will not necessarily help you learn Java, but learning them in this order is a natural progression. If you are already familiar with C and C++, then you may want to go right into learning Java.

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