How To Generate Javadoc With Ant

This tutorial explains how to create Java documentation using the ant script. Every project has Java doc for the documentation purpose. If you have huge application, there should be a clear Java doc for the developers to aware of all the classes and its purposes. If the developers add good comments on their code, Java doc will be very useful for the future reference. In the common scenario, this Java doc has to generated while building the project. If we have ant configured to generate this for you, it is good. Lets see an example ant script which will help you to generate the Java doc. There are many other parameters can be passed to this task, you read more details here.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<project basedir="." default="javadocs" name="Java Doc">
	<property environment="env" />
	<property name="target" value="1.6" />
	<property name="source" value="1.6" />
	<property name="src.dir" value="${basedir}/src" />
	<property name="target.dir" value="${basedir}/target" />
	<property name="src.lib" location="${basedir}" />
	<path id="classpath">
		<fileset dir="${src.lib}">
			<include name="*.jar" />
	<target name="javadocs" description="Generate JavaDoc API docs">
		<delete dir="${target.dir}/docs" failonerror="false" />
		<mkdir dir="${target.dir}/docs" />
		<javadoc destdir="${target.dir}/docs" classpathref="classpath" packagenames="*.*"
			author="false" private="true" version="true" windowtitle="Simple Documentation">
			<packageset dir="${src.dir}" />

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