Java Beat Coder (JBC)

The JBC program helps the Java blogger to showcase their work in JavaBeat blog. It is mutually benefits for us and you. The process simplifies the process by selecting the blog articles published by JBC members to JavaBeat site. It is great advantage to Java bloggers and our readers too enjoy the great content.

JBC Advantages

  • There are hundreds of excellent Java blogs around the world, but many are not visible to the outside world. If you join us, your great content will be read by thousands of readers worldwide.
  • When we publish your article, your online identity like social profiles, short bio about your blog, etc will be exposed in our blog. Which is good for you to have the direct contact to our readers.
  • It is your content, we don’t ask you to stop publishing to other sites. We only seek permission to use in our website.
  • The original article may be edited and modified by our editor team. The changes could be grammar mistakes, additional points, insert more relevant links for the reference, etc.
  • We provide the back link (source) to the original article. It is for passing the credit to your hard work on writing the article. It benefits you by getting lot of readers to your blog.
  • You can withdraw from JBC program at any point of time.

Get Started Now!

Joining our JBC program is simple and straight forward. Drop a mail to chief editor Krishna Srinivasan  with your blog details. Give us few days of time to review your blog and add to JBC program.

JBC Bloggers

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