JPA Releases and Implementations

Java Persistence API (JPA) is the database layer specification created and maintained by the Java experts group. The first release of JPA happened on the year 2006. Also there is a number of popular implementation for the JPA specifications. EclipseLink is the reference implementation for the JPA. If you are not familiar with JPA programming, please read our Introduction to JPA. This post is created for maintaining the latest releases and version numbers for both JPA specification and implementation from the various vendors.

The final release date of the JPA 1.0 specification was 11 May 2006 as part of Java Community Process JSR 220. As the first version, it was released as part of the EJB 3.0 technology. Later this is moved out and made it as separate specification. The JPA 2.0 specification was released 10 December 2009. The JPA 2.1 specification was released 22 April 2013.

This page is frequently updated with the latest version of JPA implementations.

JPA Latest Version : 2.1
JPA 2.1 Released on 22-April-2013
JPA 2.0 Released on 10-Dec-2009
JPA 1.0 Released on 11-May-2006
ImplementationLatest VersionJPA SupportReference LinkBinary Downloads
Hibernate4.3.0JPA 2.1Hibernate ORMDownload
Eclipse Link2.5.1JPA 2.1EclipseLinkDownload
OpenJPA2.2.2JPA 2.0OpenJPADownload
BatooJPA2.0.1.2JPA 2.0BatooDownload
DataNucleus3.0JPA 2.1DataNucleusDownload
ObjectDB2.5.3JPA 2.0ObjectDBDownload
Versant JPA1.0.2JPA 2.0Versant JPADownload

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