JSTL Formatting Tags Library

The JSTL Formatting tag is used to format and parse the data that can be data element, date, time or number. This tag library is used in a jsp page. It also provides the support for internationalization.

Syntax – JSTL Formatting Tag

<%@ taglib uri= “http:// java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/fmt” prefix= “fmt” %>

The JSTL Formatting Tags

  • <fmt: formatNumber>: The <fmt: formatNumber> tag is used to formatting the number data.
  • <fmt: parseNumber>: The <fmt: parseNumber> tag is used the parse the string of number data such as number, currency, or percentage.
  • <fmt: formatDate>: The <fmt: formatDate> tag is used to format the date and time.
  • <fmt: parseDate>: The <fmt: parseDate> tag allow us to parse the date and time.
  • <fmt: bundle>: The <fmt: bundle> tag is used to create a ResourceBundle object in its tag body.
  • <fmt: setLocale>: The setLocale is used to change the locale in the locale configuration variable.
  • <fmt: setBundle>: The setBundle tag is used to create a ResourceBundle and stores the object into the given variable.
  • <fmt: timeZone>: The <fmt: timeZone> tag is used to set the time zone.
  • <fmt: setTimeZone>: The <fmt:setTimeZone> tag is used to load the time zone into a specified scope variable.
  • <fmt: message>: The <fmt: message> tag maps key to localized message.
  • <fmt: requestEncoding>: The <fmt: requestEncoding> tag is used to set the character encoding of the request.


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