How many OCAJP 7 exam questions?

There are total 90 questions will be asked in the OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803). It is the entry level example in the Java Certification path. The questions which are asked as part of this exam is fundamentals of Java and not much programming or real time experience is required to answer the questions. Many of the questions will be the programming examples.

Time duration for the OCAJP 7 exam

140 minutes is the duration of this exam, so you need to attend all the 90 questions in this time limit to get good score in your certification exam.

What is the cost of the OCAJP 7 exam?

The cost would vary for each country and also the prometric centers would offer discount for special promotions. However, the actual cost of this certification exam mentioned in the oracle website is US$ 245.

Passing score for the OCAJP 7 exam

The passing score is 77%. It means that you have to write 70% for the questions in your exam. To successfully finish OCAJP 7 certification you nees to get 77% of marks in 1Z0-803 exam, that means you need to give the write answer to at least 70 questions. Out of 90 questions in the exam, minimum you have to answer correcly for the 63 questions.

What is the difficulty level of this exam?

It is the first level of certification in the Oracle Java certification path. This exam checks the very basic knowledge on the Java programming which is required for the entry level programmers. Asking the questions related to the fundamentals like correct syntax, various keywords used in Java and its usage, etc. Look at the topics covered under this exam:

  1. Java Basics (Mock Exam Questions)
  2. Working With Java Data Types
  3. Using Operators and Decision Constructs
  4. Creating and Using Arrays
  5. Using Loop Constructs
  6. Working with Methods and Encapsulation
  7. Working with Inheritance
  8. Handling Exceptions

It is the pre-requisite for any other exams. This exam is also known as Java SE 7 Programmer I Exam. When will you finish this exam you will be familiar with Java data types, strings, arrays, loop constructs, methods and encapsulation, inheritance and exceptions.

OCAJP 7 Exam Syllabus

Where to find the test center details?

These exams are conducted by the certified prometric or test centers across the world. These centers are tied up with the Oracle for downloading the questions into their authorized test centers. You can find the details of the nearby centers here.

Exam Details

  • Exam Number : 1Z0-803
  • Certification Name : Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer
  • Duration : 140 minutes
  • Number of Questions : 90
  • Passing Score : 77%
  • Format : Multiple Choice

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