Bootstrap Input Groups


This tutorial explains how to add text or buttons before, after or on both side of any text based input. The Bootstrap provides the class .input-group with an .input-group-addon class to prepend or append text in a .form-control. To insert before or after elements to a form-control, we just use the class input-group within the […]

Create Custom Formatter for Logger Handler


This example shows how to write a simple custom Formatter for the logging in Java. Java provides java.util.Formatter class for extending the format of the messages and that can be applied to the handlers. In our previous example, I have explained how to write the logging handlers. If you want to write the custom formatters, […]

java.util.Formatter Example


java.util.Formatter class is used for formatting the values passed to the format() method. This class become part of Java since the Java 5 release. This feature is taken from the C language to format the string, numbers, date, etc. in the simplified manner. There is set of variables and expression defined for formatting the values. […]

Java Logging Handlers Example


In our previous example I have explained how to write a simple logging configuration in your Java program. This example shows how to use the different log handlers for printing the log messages. Log handlers are the medium where the log messages has to be transfered for the future reference. In bigger applications, the handlers […]

Java Logging Example (java.util.logging.Logger)


In our application, logging is one of the important mechanism to capture the messages thrown by the applications. One of the most popular logging framework is log4j which provides the logging in your applications. However, you can implement the logging without adding any third party implementations by the JDK’s built in logging APIs. java.util.logging package […]

Java Timer Example


In Java, we have java.util.Timer class for scheduling the tasks at the frequent intervals. The steps for creating the simple job using the java.util.Timer class is: Create the task / job by extending the java.util.TimerTask. A task has to extend java.util.TimerTask and implement the run() method Create the Timer instance to manage the tasks. You […]

How To Check Disk Space Usage on Ubuntu


This post highlights few of the simple steps to check the usage of the disk space in your Ubuntu operating system. I have explained here using the terminal window and the user interface application for the more clarity. Lets open the terminal window and type the following command. If you type the above command in […]

Bootstrap Button Groups


Bootstrap provides facility to group a series of buttons on a single line using the Bootstrap’s class .btn-group. We just use this class within div element and apply the class .btn-group on it. It manages the selected or unselected state for a set of buttons. This tutorial explains how to use the button groups in […]

Bootstrap Button Dropdowns


This tutorial explains about adding dropdown menu to buttons in the Bootstrap. We can create dropdown menu with different types of buttons simply by using .btn-group in dropdown menu. The following example shows how to add dropdown to buttons. also read: Bootstrap Setup Bootstrap CSS Introduction to Foundation HTML5 Tutorials Run Bootstrap Dropdown Buttons Demo […]

Bootstrap Dropdowns


The dropdown menu is sometimes referred to as pull down menu or drop down list which appears when clicking on a button or text selection which allows the user to choose a single value. A dropdown list can be used to display large list of options where only one option is displayed initially, the remaining […]