How To Select All CheckBoxes using JQuery


This example demonstrates how to select all the checkboxes using JQuery. It is one of the common requirement in many of the applications, when there is multiple checkboxes in a page, we have to keep an option for “select all” and when all the checkboxes got selected, by default “select all” check box also to […]

How To Enable JavaScript In Browsers


Following sections will detail about how to enable Javascript in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in Google Chrome On the web browser ,select Customize and control Google Chrome with 3 horizontal lines to the right side of the address bar. Click on Settings and at bottom of the page ,click on Show advanced settings… Click on […]

Jongo – The Java Object Document Mapper for MongoDB


This tutorial explains about the Jongo, a Java query language for accessing the data from MongoDB database. When you work with the MongoDB database, you have to use the Mongo shell for querying the data, however when you are querying in the Java application, you have to use the Java driver for MongoDB and retrieve […]

Caching Data using Spring Data GemFire


In my previous tutorial, I have explained about the accessing data using Spring Data GemFire. GemFire is the in-memory data system used in the distributed environments. The performance and scalability achieved by GemFire by using the efficient caching techniques for storing in the in-memory. In this tutorial I will explain the purpose, in that connections […]

JQuery Disabled Selector Example


JQuery disabled selector selects all the disabled elements in the form. To select all the elements in the form, by default we use “:disabled”. But, however, we can filter the elements by prefixing the component name or type like “input:disabled”,”select:disabled”,etc. The disabled attribute selector is a boolean attribute, where “true” value indicates element is disabled […]

Accessing Data with Spring Data GemFire


VFabric GemFire (GemFire) is a commercially licensed data management platform that provides access to data from the distributed architectures. It is available as a standalone product and as a component of VMware vFabric Suite. Based on the Nutshell, GemFire provides an in-memory data grid that offers extremely high throughput, low latency data access, and scalability. Beyond a distributed […]

JQuery Child Selector Example


JQuery child selector selects all the elements that are child of parent element in the set of matched elements. It represents the child element which is obtained from selector. It selects all the child elements that are defined by parent selector.  The child selector searches for children elements in the document object model structure and […]

JQuery Class Selector Example


JQuery class selector selects elements by its class name. It represents the elements with specified class name. It inspects and manipulates the elements which are assigned to it. It contains class attribute of an element. It’s also possible to set styles for elements by using the class attribute. An element can contain multiple classes. If […]

JQuery ID Selector Example


JQuery Id selector selects elements with the given id attribute. It represents the tag with the given ID in the document object model. The id selector is a name preceded by a hash character (#). The id selector matches an element based on contents of the given id attribute which match exactly the value given […]

JQuery Has Attribute Selector Example


This tutorial explains usage of the has attribute selector in JQuery. The has attribute selector selects all the elements that has specified attribute and value. It represents the value mentioned in the attribute. For instance, id=”myval”, here id is an attribute and option is a value. The has attribute selector defines all the elements which […]