Spring Security Basic Example


Spring security is one of the robust security framework provided by Spring community. It is very easy and simple to configure the set up. Spring security has been released its first version on 2003, over the period of years it has become more matured and defacto standard for the spring applications. All the spring web […]

Hibernate, Maven and HSQL – Example Project (Using Annotations)


In this tutorial we will write a simple Java project to demonstrate Hibernate, HSQL and Maven using Java 5 Annotations. For this we will use our previous example in the post Hibernate, Maven and HSQL – Example Project (XML Mapping)) as base and convert it from XML Mapping to Annotation. HSQL database is used to […]

Loading XML using jQuery AJAX


In our previous articles, we discussed about how jQuery AJAX works and also various jQuery global AJAX event handlers available in jQuery. In this article, we’ll focus on accessing an XML document residing at the server, reading and displaying content of the XML using jQuery AJAX. In the following code example, we send an AJAX […]

Hibernate, Maven and HSQL – Example Project (XML Mapping)


In this tutorial we will write a simple Java project to demonstrate Hibernate, HSQL and Maven. We will first create a Java project using Maven and then will add Hibernate on it. HSQL database is used to make the project simple, as we can use in-memory database and we would need only a JAR file […]

jQuery Effects – Hide, Show and Toggle


We can create great animations using jQuery. jQuery provides various methods to create animation effects in the web pages. We can use standard animation effects those are most frequently used and also we can customize the effects for better visuals. In this article, we’ll discuss about jQuery basic effects. Let’s discuss about three main methods […]

Working with DOM Attributes using jQuery


In the previous article we learned about manipulating CSS class using jQuery. In this article, we discuss about dealing with DOM attributes using jQuery. jQuery provides flexible methods to get or set DOM attributes and values of the matched elements, and to get or set property values of the matched elements and also to get […]

Creating Simple Web Application Using Apache Maven


In the previous post we saw how to create simple Java project using Maven. We will create a simple web application. The goal of this post is to highlight the basic features Maven provides to develop web applications. This post covers the following : Create simple web application using Maven Archetype plugin. Prepare the Tomcat […]

Example for a class implementing comparable interface in Java

When you need some sort of ordering for the classes which you define, you will be going either for a comparable or comparator interface. Consider this example package test; import java.util.*; public class TreeSetTest { private static Set<Person> s = new TreeSet<Person>(); public static void main(String a[]){ s.add(new Person(20)); s.add(new Person(30)); s.add(new Person(10)); s.add(new Person(50)); […]

Quartz Job Scheduler – Example Code


In this section we are going to develop a simple Quartz Scheduler application with the help of Quartz framework. That will display Hello World Quartz Scheduler :date & time on the console window after specified time schedule. Before using Scheduler you have to instantiate it. For doing this some users may keep an instance of […]

What is load on startup element in web.xml file

specify the order in which we want to initialize various Servlets. Like first initialize Servlet1 then Servlet2 and so on. This is accomplished by specifying a numeric value for the  <load-on-startup> tag. <load-on-startup> tag specifies that the servlet should be loaded automatically when the web application is started. The value is a single positive integer, […]